Managing Cardiology Care With AllegianceMD

Maintaining a cardiology practice can be difficult. After all, it is a high stress environment, and it is vital the workflow is smooth enough to tackle the care needed by patients. As such, there is a need to include important software. This leads us to AllegianceMD, a dynamic and flexible software that may just be perfect for your cardiology practice.

About AllegianceMD

AllegianceMD is a suite of medical software, which include practice management, EHR, and a patient portal. The software is remotely accessible, so you can connect to it no matter where you are and what time you need the information. With this software on your side, you can be sure your efficiency will increase, and you can provide better care to your patients.

You can use AllegianceMD to connect to telemedicine features, so your patients don’t need to come to the clinic to get the care that they need. Additionally, you can have all your previous data migrated in a smooth way to avoid duplications and issues.

Cardiology Features for AllegianceMD

Cardiology practices need specialized features that understand the needs of the specialty area. Luckily Allegiance is adaptable to most specialties and still delivers the care they need at these practices. Here are some of the top cardiology features.

Templates Fitted to Your Practice

As a cardiologist, you need templates that collect the information you need from patients. That means when using Allegiance MD, you can actually browse through a library of templates. The templates will only include fields you will need from your patients. The form templates have been created by specialists who understand the needs of your clinic.

The templates also have the ability to automatically detect abnormal values and flag them. Only these abnormal values will be charted, and the normal values will be set to default values. This helps you only store the vital information you need in charts.

Document Clinical Information Efficiently

When you’re documenting information from procedures or examinations of patients, you need specific forms there too. There are various exam report templates available through Allegiance that you can use. These can be used for reports around chest pain, angina, and coronary heart disease.

Additionally, for procedures such as valve replacement surgery, bypass, angioplasty, and more, you also have templates available.

View Your Information In Focus

As someone working in cardiology, you are constantly on the move and busy. This is why the focused view of all your data offered by Allegiance is extremely important. The entire patient data is summarized in one screen for your ease and convenience.

The information included mentions all of their appointments and documents. You can also see all the medications they are using, and any current lab orders you have requested.

Additional Features and Benefits

Aside from the features mentioned above, you can also take care of a number of other processes using this software.

For example, prescribing medications has been completely shifted online. This allows you to login and send out prescriptions. You can also take care of refills or changes to prescriptions in this way. The software also gives doctors suggestions for alternatives they can prescribe instead, and gives them safe tools to prescribe any controlled substances with low risk.

There is also a patient portal system available through Allegiance. This gives patients the power to schedule appointments with you. They can then receive reminders from you, along with important messages and alerts. Patients can see their entire medical records, check their medications, and ask for refills if needed.

Finally, you also get to use a dynamic system for billing. This allows you to take care of the billing process in a way that makes it smooth and seamless. The software makes sure your claims are free from errors, and increases chances of claims being accepted.

Is AllegianceMD Right For Me?

Whatever you’re looking for in your clinic, AllegianceMD has the features that can make your clinic work faster and more efficiently. Whether it is the right software for you depends on a number of factors, but these tools may make the decision easier for you.

Read AllegianceMD reviews

Reading reviews is always a good way of checking if a software is right for you. With AllegianceMD reviews, you’ll know how other practices feel after using the software themselves. Some reviews that we checked out mentioned that the software is easy to implement, navigate, and use.

Checking AllegianceMD pricing

When you’re looking at the EHR service, you can utilize the AllegianceMD pricing plan set at $449 for a month for each provider. The suite, which includes both EHR and practice management can be purchased for $489 a month for each provider.

Get an AllegianceMD demo

Lastly, you can request a demo from AllegianceMD so you can get a tour of the software. This allows you to see how the software performs.

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