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Maximize Your Revenue by Procuring a TikTok Clone App

TikTok Clone App Development

Short-form videos are the biggest source of enjoyment and fun for people now. Which is the number one platform for creating and sharing crisp videos? It is none other than TikTok. One of the biggest advantages is its multi-genre suitability. The TikTok platform is becoming a hub for different kinds of content (animal welfare, comedy, dance, education, food, gaming, and sports). Moreover, it offers access to music and advanced video editing tools for content creators.  

The global short video creation and sharing industry is set to surpass a value of $915 million by 2025. It will grow at a high annual rate of 17.50% for the next 4 years. Hence it is the right time for entrepreneurs to establish an App like TikTok. They can approach a skilled app development company for creating Android and iOS apps, an admin dashboard, and a web panel.   

Why will TikTok Stories be the biggest trend in the digital era?

TikTok is testing Stories, a new feature on its platform. Except in the USA, it is available as an option for certain users across a few regions. This innovative functionality will help content creators, influencers, and vloggers to interact directly with their fans. They can utilize options like effects, filters, stickers, sounds, and textures for recording and sharing videos. 

What is the special quality of TikTok Stories?

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of TikTok Stories is that users can upload photos and videos. This will enable TikTok to get a huge advantage over its rivals Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Netizens can also comment publicly on the Stories posted by content creators.  These comments are publicly visible for all users including mutual friends. Importantly, all the TikTok stories disappear automatically within 24 hours. 

What are the highlights of the TikTok clone app? 

Diamonds – Importantly, content developers receive Diamonds as rewards depending on the popularity of the videos. Each diamond has a certain value. Likewise, influencers can exchange the Diamonds for funds. Later, they can transfer the money to their bank account or digital wallet. 

Hosting of Q&A sessions – Celebrities and influencers can effortlessly conduct  Question and Answer (Q&A) discussions with their die-hard fans. Therefore, users can clear their doubts and queries via the live chat panel. Moreover, content creators can display the questions to all the viewers. 

Keyword Filtering tools – Both brands and content creators can improve the effectiveness of their video campaigns through smart keyword filtering. The hosts of a live video session can add around 200 terms to the keyword filter option. 

They can continuously include new words till the end of their live streaming event. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can get strong support from corporate enterprises by venturing into TikTok like app development. 

Live Guest option – Content creators and their fans can use the split-screen option while broadcasting a session. Moreover, influencers and vloggers can add more guests for better interaction. 

Music Library – Video content developers can add a variety of music to enhance their appeal. They can select genres like Country, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Garage, Hip-Hop, Indie Alt, Pop, Rap, and Rock. Further, influencers can boost their popularity by adding the original sounds from albums and individual tracks.    

Picture-in-Picture mode – Members of the TikTok clone can tap the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) option for watching videos. Both Android and iOS users can watch short videos simultaneously while using other apps on their smartphones. 

Scheduled Events – Content creators can form an online event card and share them across several social media platforms. They have to enter details like a short description, name of the event, start time and end time. The admin of the TikTok app will review the event submission and accept it. Likewise, interested attendees can check out the name of the host, number of registered people, and related videos. 

Spark Ads – Brands can improve the reach of their organic videos. They can get more likes, comments, and shares for their promotional content and sponsored posts. In the long run, customers would directly purchase products after seeing Spark Ads on the TikTok clone app. 

Temporary mute mechanism – The hosts of a TikTok live session and mute viewers for a certain duration. Further, moderators can remove comments. 

TikTok LIVE – Content creators can directly live stream their content to fans and followers. They will get more views and traffic by targeting a larger audience. Further, they can accept virtual gifts and rewards from users. 

Accordingly, the members of a TikTok clone script can purchase coins and send them directly to the vloggers and influencers. Content creators can categorize their videos into fashion, gaming, music, and stand-up comedy. 

TikTok Resume – Job seekers can upload a short video on the TikTok clone script and use it as their Resume. Hence, recruiters can hire talented candidates after seeing their experts and skills. Corporate companies can check out the profiles and video resumes uploaded by potential employees. Later, they can select them for different roles in their organization. 

What is the cost of TikTok clone app development?

The total budget of curating a customized TikTok clone depends on numerous aspects. It relies on the choice of basic and premium features, cross-platform compatibility, the level of customization needed by entrepreneurs, the kind of technologies used, and salaries paid to the front-end and back-end developers. 

Further, a well-equipped app development company will boost the functioning of the TikTok clone app. Techpreneurs can use premium post-deployment services. They can use solutions like API integration, fixing bugs and glitches, the inclusion of payment gateways, implementation of digital marketing campaigns, and issuing software updates. 

Wrapping Up

 Above all, TikTok is becoming the number one choice for beauty content, brand promotion, influencer marketing, and live streaming of sports matches. Interestingly, it is also being used as an in-flight entertainment option by American Airlines. Travellers can watch free content on TikTok for 30 minutes during their journey. 

Besides that, it has also partnered with Publicis Groupe, a French advertising and PR agency for a social commerce project. Hence, this will help brands to enhance their awareness and target millennials and the Gen-Z population. 

Hence, determined digipreneurs can disrupt the world by getting hold of a TikTok clone app from a leading app development company. They can witness a rise in traffic and user downloads soon.

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