Must-Have Features in Grocery Delivery Business Software

Are you someone who already has an offline grocery store and is now stepping into the online market? In this case, it’s imperative to have a fully-fledged website or an app that can convert visitors into regular customers. Since there is no direct contact between business and customer, therefore it is a little hard to keep users engaged and motivate them to purchase. But, your attractive and user-friendly Grocery Delivery Business with all the essential features can do this wonder. 

If you too want to know them, let’s find out key online grocery delivery software features. 

  • Customized Search

Customized search helps your customers to reach a particular product without scrolling the whole website. The direct approach of reaching specific products via phrases or keywords without making guesses via the descriptions. An auto-suggested feature guesses the product name without typing it fully. You can also add a filter option to decide products based on a brand name, price, or other categories.

  • Order Tracking and Delivery Status

Today customers want to know the status of their order, therefore expect companies to keep them updated. Here, grocery delivery app management software plays a crucial role. With the real-time tracking system, companies can send push notifications to inform customers when the product will be delivered with the contact information of the delivery company and person.  

  • Cart Sharing Feature

Cart sharing has become an essential feature for modern grocery software. It facilitates boosting cart value and sharing shopping details with family or friends. The feature also allows customers to create a list of items and use it for future purchases. 

  • Mobile and Social Media Integration

No one likes to spend time registering forms, especially when there are plenty of apps with social media integration features. So, if your app does not have these features, it can prove to be a negative image for your online grocery business. It helps to retain customers and boost their visits to the app. Also, some customers hesitate to sign in with social media apps due to security issues. You can offer email or mobile number signup for effective services. 

  • Push Notification

Push notifications allow the customers to know the latest offers and deals on your grocery app. The notification also helps users to inform upcoming promotions offers without scrolling into the app. This excellent feature connects customers to stimulate action again and again and know more about your business. 

  • Comparisons

Every customer wants to know the best price for particular products. Therefore product comparison features become a vital choice for web owners. Even most customers state that they choose online shopping due to comparing different products, quality, price, review, etc. The great feature boosts the experience, therefore apps like instacart add it in their app. You can also pick it with the Instacart clone app and enjoy higher traffic on the web and app. 

  • Versatile and Safe Payment Options

Buying groceries is not a one-time job. Your visitor needs to visit every month and add banking details for payment. Therefore offer utmost convenient options with flexible and secure multiple payment options. Some of the must-have payment gateways in your online platform are paying by cash, plastic cards, digital wallets, net banking, and PayPal. You are also offered attractive rewards or points for shopping above a certain price tag.

  • Honest Reviews and Ratings

Allowing customers to share their honest feed boosts the review and rating system. In fact, such customer comments, reviews, and discussions become proof of your product and services quality. Hence, apart from the overall grocery app review, allow customers to give individual product ratings or feedback. Positive comments from customers generate credibility and trust, among others. 

  • Great Deals and Offers

Exciting deals and offers attract people to online delivery apps. Make sure you will add a separate section for such offers and deals in your app. It attracts customers to explore particular pages and grab the best deal, even on websites. You can also add special packages, discounts, coupon codes, or vouchers on the app to attract more customers and a higher retention rate. 

  • Recommendation

Just as major social media platforms offer the opportunity to like your favorite post, in the same way, your customers can add favorite products to the list. It could be considered a better choice for the future than remembering each item. You can also know about popular items to list special offers and deals. 


Above are some essential features that contribute to developing a successful business strategy. Make sure your website or app should have all these important features that make it a fast and effective way to deliver products. Still, you need some extraordinary features that keep your business and grocery software to the next level. 

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