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Nike Air Max 200 – Best Tennis Shoes Review

Like selecting any other tennis equipment, many factors come into consideration while choosing tennis shoes. Apart from the color choice and brand allegiances, you also need to think about your foot type, the type of court you play in, and finally, your budget.

Even though many recreational players or beginners use running shoes or casual sneakers while playing tennis, they wear down when played in frequency. Hence, proper tennis shoes are designed to resist significant wear and tear. Make sure you pick one of the best tennis shoes for your game.

Today I am going to review Nike Air Max shoe but you can check the huge list of best tennis shoes here.

Is Nike Air Max 200 the best tennis shoe?

Being the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, Nike Men’s Air Max 200 undoubtedly makes everyone go gaga. Apart from delivering extreme comfort, it also boasts modern detailing and exceptional cushioning. The current and the sport- inspired aesthetics are credited to the seamless sewings of the shoe.

Its design is prompted by energy patterns emitting from the earth, for instance, the ocean’s rhythmic waves or the movement of lava. In addition, the plan is influenced by Nike Air Max 180. But, the new design of Air Max 200 is an amalgamation of suede overlays, rope laces, and a heel- pull tab.

The premium cushioning is visible from the side of the shoes. The outsole comprises a full heal- to- toe rubber coverage. It enhances durability.

The latest Max Air Unit supplies 200 percent more air underfoot. Also, it imparts more cushioning under the feet. At the same time, netting in the upper curves of the feet yields a lightweight and breathable feel. The Cushlon foam is the secret behind providing the soft cushioning effect underfoot. At the same time, the exposed foam aids in reducing weight. Also, this adds all the components required for the flexible movement of the feet. The shoes are available in black, hot punch, thunder, and wolf grey colors.

Apart from the reasonable price of the sneakers, it also offers a feel of the day- to- day wear. Furthermore, the beautiful color blocking design enhances the retro style of this Air Max model. Many reviewers vouch that Nike Air Max 200 is better at performance than the Nike Air Max 270 sneakers.

The bulkiness of this model from Nike may be one of the few drawbacks associated with this tennis shoe. Also, the color combinations of this shoe can be a little challenging to pull off. Saying that it is unarguably one of the must have sneakers.

Parting Words

Given so many brands and various shoes, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect shoe. But, the myth is that there is nothing like the perfect shoe. Instead, there is an ideal shoe for you which will match your comfortability and endurance. Remember that.

Which other tennis shoe do you want me to review? Any favorite brands? Let me know in comments below and I will be happy to review it for you.

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