Online Screening Tool: How They Work & What To Look For

Hiring is an evergreen process, and every organization needs new resources at some time. When it comes to hiring can be a time-consuming and costly process. However, technological advancement has made this process easier, and the internet is loaded with numerous online screening tools, making the process seamless. There was a time when large businesses and expensive hiring organizations could bear the cost of such expensive tools. However, organizations such as Yaksha have made it simple and efficient for all types of businesses to integrate these systems with their current hiring process at low cost. So, here in this blog, we will discuss the significance of the online screening tool for pre-employment testing.

What Is an Online Screening Tool?

Online screening tools are the pre-employment screening tests software that handles the hiring process of organizations on behalf of the recruiters and hiring the top talent for the vacant post in the organizations—hiring the appropriate candidate streamlines the complete search & hiring process to make it simple for the business to hire new candidates. This Online screening tool helps recruiters, from posting jobs to reviewing resumes & screening eligible candidates. This softwares automates the hiring process by eliminating the tremendous amount of paperwork and providing suitable resumes for further hiring. Some of the main reasons that great hiring tools are helpful for recruiters & businesses are:-

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  • Save Time: It simplifies the process, and recruiters need less time to read the resumes or cover letters in-depth.
  • Reduce average cost per hire: It filters the most suitable resumes, so less time is spent on choosing suitable talents, managing the candidate pool, and reducing the possibility of bad hires.
  • Remove Bias: It randomly chooses the candidate based on job suitability, skills, experience, work behavior, and more in a non-biased way.

What Are The Various Types Of Pre Employment Testing?

There are majorly three types of candidate assessment tools:-

  • Skills and Knowledge tools
  • Work Behaviour and Personality Assessment
  • Aptitude Assessment Tools

However, selecting the right tools depends on the role type you are hiring for and the industry you are catering in.

Knowledge And Skills

Testing certain job-related knowledge provides the hiring managers or recruiters the edge in ensuring whether the candidate possesses the skills required for the role and enables the recruiters to make unbiased hiring decisions. The candidate’s skill can be assessed with the skill test against the standard & could be more focused or broad spectrum. For example, if any candidate has applied for a coding or developer post, he has to give the python test to check their skills.


Soft skills are not necessarily job-oriented but can be a most suitable way to predict job success. The aptitude could assess the candidate for their reasoning, logic, cognitive abilities, and learning capabilities. The score on these aptitude tests will give the recruiter insight into the willpower and basic understanding of the candidate. When employees are creative, they can formulate new problems and apply their existing knowledge and experience to provide multiple solutions to organizations. If a candidate is creative, he can create new innovative ideas and solutions for problems.

Personality And Work Behaviour

It enables the recruiters to understand the candidates’ motivations better and how they operate, and situation-based questions can gauge how a candidate will respond in a particular circumstance, providing a strong indication of that candidate’s work behavior. Personality assessments can reveal a candidate’s preferred working style, the roles they would be best suited for, and how well they would fit into the corporate culture.

Why Choose Yaksha?

Yaksha is one of the leading tech assessment platforms that allows hiring managers and recruiters to make tech teams of the best by providing them with completely role-specific assessments for deploying, hiring, and upskilling existing tech employees. They provide HR and L&D solutions such as campus hiring, talent screening onboarding solutions, employee engagement, interview as a service, and internal job movement. The assessment software provides you with a wealth of information about each candidate. The AI-based system automatically shortlists the candidate with the most suitable desired attributes, allowing recruiters to quickly and easily find the desired talent. The price offered by them is another factor that makes Yaksha most suitable for you.


Those days are gone when your recruiters used to stack LinkedIn profiles and draft email queries to invite candidates for an interview. With the assistance of the online screening tool, you can easily identify the most suitable candidate for your organization using automated tools. However, in the current marketplace, numerous screening tools and assessments are available to help recruiters make the hiring process efficient, saving plenty of time and money. You must always remember to choose the software per your organization’s needs. You can go ahead with Yaksha as it is one of the most suitable platforms and caters to almost every facility necessary for your organization.

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