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Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai Along With The Best Itinerary

A desert safari is the topmost priority of the adventurists whenever they visit Dubai. They experience life from a different aspect like nowhere else. The wilderness of this calm and still landscape seems quite appealing to most people than the city glam. The conservation reserve of Dubai is situated in the city’s southern region. Tourists from all over the globe keep this golden city on their bucket list.

Likely, we were also a group of adventurists who went on to an epic journey at the dunes. The first step after landing in Dubai was to select a trusted itinerary. Thanks to one of the folks who had heard of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. They offered us an overnight desert safari according to our plans and a specified set of requirements. Exploring overnight desert safari Dubai during the charisma of night was the best decision we could take. 

So let’s take you into our super exotic night venture to the dunes, along with the great tour operating body. 

What does a Night Venture offer at the Arabian Dunes?

  1. Camel Safari 

Cover the terrain on the camel’s hump and experience the soundness of the whole barren. If you make your way to the Arabian dunes, never drop the amazing camel ride. As it takes you to the ethereal background of Arabs when they used to cover long journeys through camels. Soak up the serenity of the desert sitting right on the camel’s back. Happy Adventures Tourism LLC offered us a complimentary camel ride in their overnight itinerary. And it was extraordinary!

2. Witness the Morning Glory

Embrace the morning glory after a few hours of sleep, if you find a break from the twilight occult. Nature’s vista brightens up at its highest opulence. Rejuvenate yourself by soaking up in the new sun rays. Stepping out of our camps and witnessing the sunrise was an amazing experience for us. You can have it too by opting for an overnight desert safari in Dubai. However, these will be your final moments at the dunes and won’t fade away soon.

 3. Ultra-thrilling Dune Activities 

Drift your favourite SUV on the terrain of Arabia. The extreme thrills are encountered by the thrill-seekers in the off-road terrain vehicles. Whether you grab a quad bike, dune buggy, or a sandboard for a solo ride, the hype of fun is promised. 

We went for dune bashing in the Nissan patrol, which is a 4×4, and provided to us by Happy Adventures Tourism operators. It was more like a roller coaster ride than an off-road drive. As the unparalleled dunes subject the passengers to a topsy-turvy ride. 

4.  Catch the Arabian Culture in Spotlight 

Be a part of the high-spirited audience on the live entertainment stage. The stage is set in the middle of the Arabian desert, to portray its myriad beauty. There are many dance forms depicted by talented artists to heighten the excitement of their cheerers. 

Scream over the fiery fire show presented dauntlessly by the stuntmen. The stunning belly dancers also show up there to amuse everyone with their flexible belly moves. Then there is the traditional Tannoura dance performance that casts a spell over the crowd. These alluring activities are tremendous to sea in a desert safari.

5. Staring at the Dark Sky

The luminescent desert seems soaked up in tranquillity as the night turns young. Endure your dreams by witnessing the pristine beauty of the night at the dunes. Step outside your camp and spot the shooting stars. The operators of Happy Adventures Tourism provided us with all the camping stuff for better sleep. But who wants to sleep at such a magical place? Stargazing in an adventurous safari is an aesthetic experience for a nature admirer.

 Nightstalkers love to be in the twilight of the Arabian desert. The reason behind it is the magical galaxies that show up in lovely colours painting the sky with sorcery. 

6. Tempting Buffet Amid the Dunes 

Tasteful cuisines are spiced according to the middle-eastern savoury at the buffet tables. The guests are pleased with a variety of veg and non-veg food. From charcoal roasted meat to ambrosially sauteed veggies, there is a whole range of tempting food. Happy Adventures Tourism guides took complete charge of the dinner and seating arrangements. We engulfed every bite with great delight. There was also plenty of refreshing soft drinks and mineral water of which we took multiple refills. Having the Arabian Coffee along with dates was super refreshing after a heavy dinner. 


Researching your desired travel destination is a good practice. Whether you are accompanied by an expedition team or travelling solely. This opens up chances for you to know the place from a wider perspective. A good itinerary like Happy Adventures Tourism keeps you carefree and light throughout the whole journey. So fulfil your wanderlust in Dubai wisely by approaching reliable hosts.  


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