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Rudraksh Immigration Summarizes The Steps To Ensure A Successful Visa Application!

Rudraksh Immigration is an experienced firm in the field of overseas education. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most professional and prominent overseas education consultants in North India by virtue of being in this field for over 27 years now.

All this while, it has managed to achieve a rare feat of successfully processing thousands of student visas. In addition to that, it has guided a ton of people through the work visa process as well. Therefore, there aren’t many companies that can match the level of knowledge in this area. It makes sense to listen to the professionals as they recommend some steps to all the aspirants out there looking to pursue higher education abroad.

  • Official Website

One must go through the official website of the consulate of your destination country. The things mentioned there are the only reliable source of information that you should trust. There may be discrepancies in the information mentioned on other websites. Also, in some cases, other websites may not be regularly updated. The foreign laws of countries continuously keep on changing. Hence, stay updated by visiting the official website of the embassy frequently.

  • Documents

The website will mention the exact documents required for the visa application. Make sure to read thoroughly the documents needed to file the visa application. Also, make sure to carry copies of your original certificates along. Passport photos are essential in filling out forms and other documents at the embassy. Make sure that you have the latest photo of yourself, not older than 6 months.

In some cases, the embassy may ask for attested copies of your original documents. It will be mentioned on the website. One can easily get the documents attested by a gazetted officer or at the Rotary Club near you at nominal charges. You have to take your original documents along still.

  • Booking Appointment

It generally takes a lot of time to get an appointment for the visa interview. Make sure that you keep an eye out for the slots available. This means that don’t wait until you have everything to start searching for the appointment. Always keep an eye out for the bookings and book the slot if you see long waiting periods even if you don’t have complete documents. By the time the date of the appointment comes, you will surely have gotten your certificate and other essential documents.

  • Mock Interviews

A lot of students get nervous while answering the visa interview questions which is why a lot of student visas get rejected as well. It is not uncommon for students to apply multiple times to receive visa approval. The best way to handle such scenarios is to be prepared with mock interviews.

There are plenty of websites explaining the most frequently asked questions during a visa interview. You can practice a lot and try to become fluent in your answers. It is important to notice that one should not mug up the answers. The interviewer will recognize this and this might affect your visa process negatively. Therefore, try to understand the purpose of the question and try to answer in a natural way. But keep practicing till you get a natural flow in your conversation.

If one follows these steps diligently, the chances of you getting a visa approval increase dramatically in comparison to if you are poorly prepared. Rudraksh Immigration can help you prepare for your visa interview in a completely professional way. Make sure to contact them today!

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