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Should You Gift a Coffee Subscription This Holiday Season? Absolutely

It’s hard to believe another holiday season is already upon us. It’s time to celebrate those we love, rejoice in our favorite meals, and sip the coziest drinks. Many are already enjoying the season’s festivities and coffee blends, but some of us may be panicking about gifting. What can we get for the coffee lover who has it all? From the perfect coffee subscription to instant coffee for even the busiest of giftees, this guide is here to help you navigate the treacherous waters of gifting for coffee lovers.

The Basics of Gifting Coffee

At first glance, the idea of gifting coffee may be intimidating. With so many blends and curators, not to mention online coffee roasters, the choices seem endless. Start with a few important questions that will make a big difference to coffee connoisseurs.

Where Does It Come From?

This question may be challenging to answer, but it’s a big deal. The growing region, the mineral differentiations in the soil, and moisture levels can impact the flavor of the coffee. Of course, the geographical region is just one piece to consider. What sort of growing environment is the coffee from? Find out if the online coffee roasters you’re considering work with smallholder farmers or co-ops to source their coffee. Not only can this make for more artisan cultivated coffee, but it also provides plenty of seasonal “warm fuzzies” to know your purchase is supporting small, diverse communities.

What Is the Environmental Impact?

One of the few things that everyone around the world shares is the world itself. And taking care to keep your coffee purchases environmentally supportive is a great way to make a difference. As more drastic weather patterns continue to affect the growing regions worldwide, supporting smallholder farms is more important than ever. In some cases, the coffee subscription you purchase could impact whether that coffee variety remains in existence.

There are plenty of other things to consider before you make any purchases. Does the team that roasts the coffee truly enjoy the craft? Is there enough variety in the blends or single origin coffees this roaster offers? The list is long, but the answers play a significant role in ensuring your coffee and recipients match. Once you’ve found the right coffee roaster, it’s time to address the biggest question: Who are you shopping for?

A Coffee Subscription for Busy Bees

Whether you’re buying it at the store or ordering from online coffee roasters, it’s easy for coffee purchases to fall through the cracks. It’s time to be the hero, sans the jolly red suit, for every busy bee on your list. Invest in a coffee subscription for your friends who have trouble making time for everything in a day. Not only will this save them time and the stress of running out of coffee, but it also surprises them each week or month with a freshly roasted bag of coffee. Fresh coffee, in their favorite blend or roast, for months to come. There just isn’t a better gift than that for any coffee lover, but especially the busy ones. Just make sure you choose a coffee roaster that gives you options for what type of coffee you’re sending. Options for how much and how often are an added bonus.

Brewing Supplies for Home Office Entrepreneurs

Whether they run a household, a business, or their daily agenda, every coffee lover will celebrate new ways to brew their coffee at home. The option of brewing styles can vary, so make sure you chat with your giftee about their favorite brew method first. If you don’t know their favorite brew style, other accessories like scales, measuring cups, mugs, or grinders also make fantastic gifts.

Pour Over for Light Roast Sippers

Pour over brewing is an infusion method that can smooth out flavors, making the most of light roast coffees. It keeps the delicate tasting notes intact without stunting any subtle tasting notes. You can find pour over kits and filters to make excellent gifts for fans of this brewing method.

French Press for Bold Roast Coveters

A new French press may be the best gift for those who prefer a darker or bolder roast coffee. This immersion method allows deeper tasting notes to be pulled from darker roasts. With the rising popularity of the French press, you can often find ornate or creative designs to best match your bold roast lover’s personality or kitchen décor.

Standard Drip for Those Who Love Convenience

The classic drip coffee is a sure-fire gift option for nearly every coffee lover. The convenience of a set-it-and-forget-it brew is hard to pass up. While there won’t be as much control over the brewing itself, the options available on many of these coffee makers have become impressive. Look for components like extra-large-sized carafes, self-automated timers, and even extended warming times to keep the coffee hot for hours.

Instant Coffee for the Explorers

If the coffee lover in your life is also a wanderer, a traveler, or just a general explorer, then you can’t go wrong with instant coffee. Instant coffee provides the convenience of on-the-go coffee, and all you need is hot water. From the outdoorsy to the first-class traveler, everyone living on the go will love an instant coffee gift. The best online coffee roasters will have a variety of blends and single origin options available. Try to find instant craft coffee whenever possible for the best flavor. Just because you’re making coffee on the go doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice taste.

Holiday Blends for Holiday Enthusiasts

You are holiday shopping, after all, so don’t forget about holiday blends. The best online coffee roasters will offer a perennial blend with slight annual variations based on coffee availability. This makes it a wonderfully giftable option every year. In many holiday blends, you’ll pick up tasting notes of chocolate and spice. Try to find a seasonal blend that also brings unique flavors, like Cara Cara orange, for a subtly balanced brew.

Gift Cards for Anyone and Everyone

Possibly the most versatile and useful gift for any coffee lover is the gift card. By selecting a reputable coffee roaster, you can order gift cards to allow your recipients to pick for themselves. A gift card is a perfectly happy medium. It shows you know them well and gives them the chance to select something they’ll love. Find a coffee roaster with coffee subscription options. That will let them set up coffee deliveries on their schedule. Whether they love blends or single origin coffees, light or bold roasts, you can cater to every coffee lover.

At the end of the day, coffee lovers aren’t too difficult to please. Any thoughtfully purchased coffee or brewing gear will bring an extra bit of cheer to their holidays. Just remember to find a trusted coffee roaster first, and the options will amaze you. And whenever you’re in doubt, a versatile coffee subscription is always a perfect choice.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

It took two friends with a passion for coffee, Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr, to pursue a dream and create Verve Coffee Roasters in 2007. Verve Coffee Roasters focuses on supporting smallholder farmers around the world by roasting sustainably and ethically grown coffee to perfection. Through direct trade sourcing of world-class coffee, Verve Coffee Roasters provides unparalleled flavor in unique blends and single origin varietals. Join the third wave coffee movement with the proudly independently owned Verve Coffee Roasters for artisanal, small-batch coffee from around the world, direct to your mug.

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