Signs To Appoint A Hot Water Plumber?

Water heaters are one of the essential appliances in our homes. It requires regular checks ups and its repair can often be complicated. Hot water is one of the most necessary things we need daily, and its importance can only be understood if the heater is malfunctioning.  

Often we tend to ignore minor problems, but that should not be the case, as situations can deteriorate at any time. It is always a good idea to call for a hot water plumber in Adelaide rather than the DIY methods, as they are professionals who are trained to deal with pipelines. 

Signs You Need Hot Water Plumbing

Whereas we have little to no knowledge, we might end up causing more damage. In cases of electric water heaters, there are even chances of electrocution. 

So here are some signs that you must consider as a time to call for a hot water plumber:

1. Leakages from water heater: There are various reasons a heater might leak, like broken drain valves, damaged pressure valves or temperature valves, or loose water line connections. 

A professional would examine the heater and determine the cause of the leakages. If there is any corrosion or rust, once they have examined the unit, they can decide if the heater can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. 

2. If weird noises are coming from the unit: Call a professional plumber immediately if you hear any odd noises you don’t identify. These sounds can be due to the deposition of sediments at the bottom of the tank over time. It is essential to address this problem as it would eventually lead to leakage from the water heater.

3. Your water heater is not providing hot water: This is an inevitable sign that you must call for a hot water plumber. A good hot water plumber in Adelaide would be capable of determining the root cause of temperature fluctuations and then analysing if it requires a serious repair or replacement.

It is best if you avoid dealing with such problems alone without any professional knowledge, as there are chances that you might burn yourself after making the adjustments. The plumber has to check various water heater components, like ignitors, pipes, heating lines, thermostats, and many more.  

4. If the hot water has a weird smell: This is another alarming cause. Water heaters remain moist and are one of the most favourite places for moulds and bacteria to grow as plenty of moisture is available. So, the foul smell can be caused by microbial growth inside the heater. 

Water infected with bacteria or mould is hazardous to health when drinking, cooking, or bathing, so this must be addressed soon. When you call for a professional hot water plumber, he will flush out the heater and then clean it to provide sanitised, clean water. 

5. The hot water pressure has suddenly reduced: This is a definite indication that there has been some congestion in the pipelines blocking the water flow or other reasons. A professional plumber is experienced and would understand the cause in no time. 


Dead Short Electrical has the best hot water plumbers in Adelaide. So if you notice any of the above signs in your heater, you must call us immediately. 

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