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Skirting Boards – Which Type of Skirting Board Is Best?

Skirting boards

If you’re having trouble with your home’s exterior, it’s time to start thinking about which type of skirting boards is best. There are three basic types: wood, composite, and fiberglass. These are just the basics, though. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, and each should be a good choice for particular projects.

Wood Skirting

Wood is the classic material. It looks great, is easy to maintain (you can spray it down), and is long-lasting. You can get boards in all kinds of styles, such as planks or arbors. One disadvantage is that wood can get a little warped over time; therefore, it may not be the best choice if your house gets a lot of wear and tear.

Composite Skirting

Composite is made of recycled products. Although it is extremely durable and weatherproof, it may dent if you apply too much pressure on the board or try to lean on it hard. The most common type of composite boards are seen in shingles, roofing tiles, siding, and some patio tiles. If you are replacing a deck or other exterior surface, composite might not be the best choice, because it does not provide as much stability.

Fiberglass Skirting

Fiberglass is the most rigid, but least weatherproof. It is lightweight, can be painted, and generally offers the best resistance to abrasion and moisture. It is also resistant to mildew. Unfortunately, fiberglass can be very expensive and break easily.

Metal Skirting

Another option is metal. It is not as heavy as wood, but it is strong enough to provide adequate traction when walking in moist soil or mud. A downside is that metal skirting tiles Dubai can be very loud, especially if you have a large, unfriendly snowplow nearby. Metal may also rust and corrosion is possible if not properly maintained. Metal skirting boards are best for parking lots and garages.

Polyethylene Skirting

The final type of board is polyethylene. This is probably the best board on the market and will give you the most versatility. It is rigid, yet very lightweight. It can be cut in all types of shapes and cuts and is available as flexible as well. It can also be painted or stained in any color imaginable and has very few maintenance issues.

If you are planning to build a deck or a fence, then you really don’t have much choice. However, before you buy anything, think about what you really want the end result to be. In most cases, wood or plastic will be your only option. Whatever you decide on though, make sure to choose quality materials so you get the maximum durability. A good rule of thumb is to buy a skirting boards that is best suited for the use you plan on putting it to.

Plastic Skirting Boards

Plastic boards are less rigid, but they are also easier to install and replace when necessary. Many come with a limited warranty, but if it is not under warranty, it is not worth buying. Wooden boards have the ability to be stained or painted with any color, although many choose to just leave it natural. Both have the ability to be laminated and textured for a wide variety of looks. Wood is the more popular of the two because it is much more durable than plastic, however, many find that plastic is easier to clean and maintain.


Which type of skirting board is best? Dubai Vinyl Flooring provides the best-suited skirting tiles for your home. You don’t want it to look outdated quickly, so go with something you can easily care for. You also don’t want to buy cheap ones at the end of the day and have them fall apart. Take your time when deciding which one is right for you.


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