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Small bedroom? 7 tips to save space

Does your small bedroom no longer fit your things and … your dreams? If you live in an apartment, then you will surely find that finding extra space is a great luxury. So by renovating your bedroom and making it more functional, you will save free space at home, storing your things in a fully organized way. To create a perfect aesthetic and functional bedroom, then all you have to do is follow the 7 tips of the experts.

1 # Change color in the small bedroom

Let’s start with color. A bright color on the walls, combined with a white ceiling, will highlight the brightness and size of the space. So dedicate one of your breakfasts to paint your bedroom in light tones that will set your mood!

2 # Increase the brightness

The more light in the small bedroom, the greater the sense of your space. So make sure that the light falls abundantly in the bedroom. To save space, attach your luminaires to the wall, freeing up space from the floor.

3 # The importance of the mirror in the small bedroom

Add a large mirror to the wall, left or right of your sleigh bed, ideally opposite a window or patio door. This way, the light will be reflected by the mirror, further increasing the brightness in your small bedroom.

4 # Hang the curtains as high as possible

Prefer to hang them high enough, giving your bedroom the feeling of high ceiling space.

5 # Bed with extra storage space

A smart way to store your clothes and personal items is nothing more than a bed with extra storage space. Find the design that suits you through the rich collection of Home. Next, make the bed exactly as it fits in your small bedroom, in the colors and dimensions of your choice.

6 # Bedside tables with drawers

Instead of storing your things on the nightstand, what better way to store them? A bedside table with storage space is another smart solution that you will definitely find particularly useful.

7 # Chest of drawers, necessary for every small bedroom

Essential for every bedroom, the chest of drawers contributes to both space-saving and aesthetics, as it highlights the luxury and elegance of the bedroom.

Smart solutions Home for your small bedroom

Looking for more ideas and solutions to renovate your small bedroom? The professionals of Home are your trusted consultants in the design and decoration of every space of your home. With nine decades of experience in the field of handmade furniture, they shape furniture according to your needs and preferences.

Living room compositions: Create your own, to your measurements!

Living room compositions from TV furniture, cabinets, and shelves, necessary for every home. Not only do they transform its aesthetics and make it stand out in a modern and beautiful space, but they maximize its practicality and functionality. But what are the steps to choose the one that will “fit” ideally in your living room? Learn more in the text that follows.

Living room compositions: The 6 + 1 steps to choose the ideal one

1. Do market research on living room compositions

Your next move is to conduct market research, looking for information on furniture manufacturers that you can trust, as well as their suggestions on new furniture compositions that interest you.

2. Measure the available dimensions of your living room

Your first step in choosing the perfect composition for your living room is to measure your available space. Thus, you will be able to correctly calculate the dimensions of the compositions that fit it. Pay special attention to the dimensions of the TV furniture, so that it fits your TV. responds to your needs, offering living room compositions in the dimensions of your choice.

3. What is the decorative trend that prevails in your living room?

Modern, classic, boho, industrial? It is important that the living room compositions can be perfectly adapted to the style of your living room. In general, however, it is important to prefer living room compositions in simple lines, which fit any design.

4. Decide on the color of the wood

The choice of wood color is also extremely important. Choose the one that makes you feel more familiar, creating a modern and harmonious color effect in the living room. In any case, the specialized consultants undertake to suggest you wood colors for the living room compositions which are based on the needs of your space.

5. Living room compositions with or without hidden lighting?

A fairly modern option is the installation of hidden lighting in the living room compositions. Concealed lighting can be placed in any composition. However, there are ready-made compositions with built-in hidden lighting such as the Grande composition.

6. Choose furniture with guaranteed quality

In the market, you will find many options available in living room compositions and at different prices. But few are those options that are offered with a quality guarantee and are durable over time. Discover the new proposals with a top guarantee of up to 15 years.

+1. Combine the living room composition with the right coffee table & decorative accessories

Once you have made your final choice of living room compositions, do not forget to accompany it with the appropriate furniture and accessories. So create a complete result with the appropriate coffee table which will ideally match the composition, as well as a table or a mirror that will change your mood every day.

How to Choose the Right Color To Paint Every Room

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