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The Top Best Home Roofers Directory


We have compiled a list of the top home roofers directory below for your ease. If you want your roofing business to gain momentum, secure a citation in each of the following directories to up your local SEO game.

Nine tips to help homeowners choose the right roofer

  1. Get Local Recommendations
  2. Look For Manufacturer Names
  3. Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​Ratings
  4. Receive A Comprehensive Guarantee
  5. Worry About Security
  6. Check For Proper Licensing And Insurance
  7. Pay Your Deductible
  8. Handle Your Own Claim
  9. Don’t Give In To The Pressure

What Are The 3 Skills Listed For A Roofer?

Job Competence And Requirements


Roofers work on roofs that can have very steep slopes. …


Roofers must be able to support heavy materials such as shingle bundles, ladders, and roofs.


Roofers spend most of their day outside on their feet, sometimes in extreme heat or cold.

Can You Negotiate With Roofers?

You can always negotiate the price of a successful project with your contractor before signing a contract. Discuss your budget with your roofer. Agree to have unexpected project costs presented in writing so that you can meet your budget.


The Roofing-Directory is an ideal free-of-cost citation option. You can list your NAP, website link, web directions, and client reviews. The registration does not take more than a minute. Just a minute’s worth of efforts and you can get featured here.

The as the name suggests is a roofing directory for slate roof specialists. If you own a roofing company specializing in shingle or slate roofing, you should definitely secure a citation here.  To gain business momentum, it is best to list your business in niche-specific roofing directories.


US Roofing Companies is definitely one of the biggest roofing directories platforms. Even though it is paid but only by spending $15 you can feature your business with the NAP details and a backlink on one of the top directories.


Roofer911 is another great place to secure a listing at. This roofing directory helps users navigate according to their location and gets more than 700,000 leads each month. This directory has high traffic so submitting information here is a win-win situation for your business.


HomeAdvisor, even though is not a directory specifically for roofing but the site is famous for marketing home repair services. The site gets over a million reviews and people frequently visit HomeAdvisor to hire roofers. There is a small payment to secure a listing here, but you get guaranteed leads from the site.


The USA Roofing Directory is a great platform for consumers to locate a roofing business in town. The directory features multiple search options and gets tons of traffic, hence securing a listing here means getting daily leads.

The Colorado Roofing Association

The Colorado Roofing Association is another geographical location-specific roofing directory. It may cost you a small fee to secure a citation here, however, the citation is worth every penny spent on the site. So, what are you waiting for, go submit your listing details now!

The originally began as an online platform helping homeowners determine the cost for day-to-day roof repairs.

But the site does get a huge amount of traffic from homeowners who are landing on the page to use the roofing calculator. The good news is that you can get listed here free of cost, but the registration process and approval may take up to three months. So, you may want to get started right now without wasting a single day.

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