Tips and Tricks for Economical Box Printing for Electronics

Using the box space creatively for marketing is crucial to the full utilization of packaging as a compelling resource. Box printing has become extremely prominent with the rising need to deliver electronics in good form.

How can printing escalate brand recognition?

The packaging has a profound effect on customers’ purchase choices. It is often the reason behind customers’ picking one electronics brand over the other. In the market for electronic items, similarity exists between products. brands thus, try to compete in other areas including giving an extra edge to the brand so it stands out amongst rivals.

What can this edge be? Unique marketing campaigns are specially designed to lift the brand’s identity. Apple advertises its iPhone to be different and premium to others in the market. It has become a symbol of class and elegance. To achieve this, Apple opted for distinct marketing features with printing as the main tool.

Once the customers know of your brand image, they would prefer to buy from it. printing has limitless potential to mold the brand image as per the sellers’ wish. From the tones to the marketing content, everything can empower the boxes to become instantly spottable. Most customers recognize their go-to brand with its logo printed prominently on the boxes.

While the pros of using printing are quite clear, often sellers don’t use printing to its fullest potential. Here are some tips to consider when designing the boxes.

One: Don’t rush!

This is what experienced marketers would advise businesses; don’t be in a hurry when printing the packaging.

The boxes speak about the brand even when there is no representative around. Thus, printing on them must be planned carefully. First, sellers must determine what they want to print on the boxes. the space on the packaging is limited and the contents need to be summarized pleasantly to achieve a better customer attention grade.

Next, the business logo and title need a good spot to be printed on. Using a side corner for this can go wrong as the logo needs to take the center stage for buyers to retain the brand look. After this, the marketing and relevant texts must be etched out and proofread before printing them onto the boxes.

All these steps need time and effort. Once the sellers have these in place, they won’t have to use multiple marketing platforms. The boxes would work better to radiate a positive brand aura.

Two: Research the market

The electronics market is dynamic. New products are rapidly introduced and old ones become obsolete. Sellers must keep reinventing their product lines and printed content alike.

The packaging must look modern and not belonging to the gone-by era. Sellers must introduce their products to fitting with the current customer demands and purchasing trends. For instance, greener electronic items are high in demand. Brands must tell customers that their products comply with the latest technology and are compatible with numerous customers’ uses.

box manufacturers

Box printing is done using modern inks. The packaging looks regal and contemporary. Brands can select the ones that go with the overall brand image. The whole branding must look consistent for it to have a robust impact on customers.

Three: Impose the branding features

Certain brands are known for their offbeat packaging. The unboxing feel has come to define brand popularity in the electronics market.

Brands must give customers a good shopping experience. Printed boxes can be used for the task when adorned with creative designs for accessing the items.

Take the latest phone reviews for instance. The reviewer starts with unboxing the product. Brands make sure that the boxes are shaped uniquely and offer excitement while opening. Custom inserts and dividers aid to keep all the phone components together. The user manual printed on top aids buyers in using all the components effectively. Personalized messages make for pleasing first customer contact.

When brands appear in such raving review videos, it enhances the customer reach. Many people view these videos before buying electronics. Businesses that use printing as a tool to make the customer vouch for their packaging and products, surely win the race in fostering higher customer loyalty.

Four: Utilize all the box angles

The cost of creating boxes is already incurred so the brand must use the available resource from all sides.

The front is usually where the brand logo is printed. The manufacturing details can be printed on the sides and the user manual at the back. Electronic items need detailing for buyers to use the items as intended. Printing maximum info on the packaging saves costs in obtaining extra sheets of paper. Custom printing options like laminations and a variety of font styles make for an easy read.

The boxes are also window-cut. Customers like to have a preview of what they are buying. Custom box shapes are beneficial in grabbing more eyeballs.  Printing the boxes isn’t only limited to the content and graphics but also includes constructing the boxes more productively. Sellers can add handles on the top or sides, make the boxes communicative with printing engaging content, and so on. Printing can get as creative as possible. It enhances the brand appeal more than most marketing platforms combined.

Five: Use eco-friendly materials

If a low-budget marketing device is what businesses need, printing can be their true partner.

The boxes, firstly, are customized so they store fragile electronics safely. Printing reinforces this by conveying handling instructions. Courier companies would know how to ship the boxes when the contents are mentioned. Customers repeat orders when they get functional electronics. Secondly, the boxes are made from bio-degradable stock paper. The brand can mention this too. Customers prefer buying from brands that are eco-conscious. Without informative box printing, the brand can be lost amongst the excessive rivalry.


Managing marketing campaigns can be realized with creative printing done on the packaging. brands can save on expensive marketing costs while giving a fair view of the electronic items to the customers. Printing can be done in multiple ways and for multiple purposes.


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