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Top 10 Richest Man in Pakistan 2021

Richest Man in pakistan 2021

Richest Man in pakistan 2021

Pakistan is a country that has given the freedom to all for doing their legal business or to do a job or become a service provider. However, where the economy is growing with an increasing trend of businesses, many people are the owners of such organizations. They have become billionaires and have made themselves to the top of the list of Richest Man in Pakistan 2021

The richest people in Pakistan are truly an inspiration for many struggling to get their name in the top 10. The people having their worth in billions have reached this position after the true struggling of decades.

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Pakistan has remarkable resources and provides numerous opportunities to make a layman a millionaire or a billionaire with proper strategy, hard work, determination, and a creative mind without any lust or greed. This depicts that utilizing the resources in the right manner can make the thing go smooth in a direction to grow.

The majority of the population of Pakistan is divided into the class of middle-income and lower-income groups, and a few elites are at the level of massive wealth. Elite-class wealth in Pakistan on a total count like assets minus debt in the previous years was only 0.1 percent per the source of Wealth Indexes.In Pakistan, the richest persons come on the top ranking because of having a good source of income while availing different opportunities.


However, Pakistan’s richest man has the highest wealth among all, and the list of top 10 richest people in Pakistan 2021 is as follows:


Mian Muhammad Mansha

Anwar Pervez

Ali Zardari’s Asif

Sharif Nawaz

Hashwani Sadruddin

Riaz Malik

Nasir Already

Yaqoob Abdul Razzak

Saigol Tariq

Khan Shahid

shahid khan 

With a net value of 8 trillion dollars, Shahid Khan ranked among Pakistan’s richest people in 2021. He’s the richest man in Pakistan.

Shahid Khan was born in Pakistan on 18 July 1950. He is an American entrepreneur and one of Pakistan’s best entrepreneurs and billionaires. His net value is recorded with the highest value among all Pakistan.


He was born in 1950 in Lahore and was part of a middle-class family in Pakistan; in 1967, he moved to the United States for higher education. In addition, his first work in the United States was in a restaurant where he washes dishes and gets around $1 an hour to work. When Shahid Khan started his organization, the man with a strong determinant and a powerful personality moved towards progress in his life. In 1978, he began to make one-piece wards for the altered pickup trucks and repair the vehicles.

He also bought the Flex-N-Gate Corporation in 1980, where he took up the engineering director position and later became the company’s owner. However, the company has approximately 66 sites with 24,000 employees worldwide.

He is also an owner of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, and the English Premier League F.C. Fulham is also a Forbes Billionaire ranked member.

Muhammad Mansha

With a net worth of 5 trillion dollars, Mian Muhammad Mansha won 2nd rank in 2021 for being Pakistan’s richest person.

Mian Muhammad Mansha is one of Pakistan’s leading and leading industries and entrepreneurs who have made Pakistan proud. Born in 1947, he was also the CEO and Chairman of the Muslim Commercial Bank, the Nishat Group, and the group Adamjee. These companies are his main source of income.


Anwar Pervez Pervez

Anwar Pervez finished third, worth $3.75 trillion, and managed to be among Pakistan’s top 10 richest men.He was born in 1935 in a very small town in Punjab, a family member of low income. According to his life story, he went barefooted to school.

In the 1950s, however, he moved to the UK-UK when he was just 21 years old, and he started his work in Bradford as the regular bus driver. After serving as a bus driver and feeding the family enough, he introduces his family to Great Britain.

According to the reports, Pervez’s life story is written with hard work and sincerity, and his story, according to the reports, his story is just like many other successful people’s. Mr. Pervez attributes his whole life’s success to “1% chance, 99% integrity, and discipline.”

He now owns companies whose company also deals with the banking, steel, and pharmaceutical sectors. Furthermore, his performance is not limited, as he is also a principal shareholder in UBL. Its net value, as stated in the previous reports, reached $4.6 billion.

Ali Zardari Asif

Asif Ali Zardari’s net worth is $1.8 billion, making him Pakistan’s richest politician. He is one of Pakistan’s top ten richest people.

He served as Pakistan’s former president from 2008 to 2013. But he is now the co-chairman of the People’s Party of Pakistan (PPP).


He was an entrepreneur before joining politics, as he began to earn money. His fortune, however, comes from the sugar mills in Pakistan and the other companies that he has been indulged in.


Hashwani Sadruddin

Sadruddin Hashwani is another wealthiest person with a $1.5 trillion net worth, according to Forbes.

Born in 1940 on 19 February, he is one of Pakistan’s best and best businessmen, the Chairman of the “Hashoo Group,” who holds many shares throughout Pakistan’s other industries, such as tourism, travel, pharmaceuticals, I.T., real-estate technology, oil & gas, while he is also the owner of Pearl Continental and Marriot Hotel.

Sharif Nawaz

Nawaz Sharif is in 5th position in the list of the richest people in the country with a net value of $1.4 trillion

Nawaz Sharif is a former Pakistani Prime Minister and is also one of Pakistan’s top ten richest people. He is also the director of Ittefaq, Pakistan’s leading steel manufacturer.

His family, however, also has their businesses and has invested in sugar, food, and transport. This net value is estimated as basic since it does not contain any undeclared property, mainly in the UAE, the United States, or England. During his administration, he had a huge fortune.


Malik Riaz 

Malik Riaz is renowned for his Bahria Town projects and is listed as Pakistan’s richest person due to its net worth of 3000 billion Rupees. He is seventh among Pakistan’s richest in 2021.

He is an immobilizer tycoon in Pakistan as director of the Bahria Group. Malik Riaz was not born into a rich family, but after his Matriculation, he could not pursue his higher studies. So, after his registration, he just started working with Military Engineering Service as a simple officer. He establishes numerous contacts, builds a P.R. there, and has learned many skills and how to work in the system.

His determination and power to decide leads him today to this place. He has built Bahria City in various Pakistani towns, and his Bahria Foundation is also excellent.


Nasir Schon is on the eighth list of Pakistan’s richest people. Its net value is recorded as 1 trillion dollars. On 28 November 1957, he was brought into the world. He is now an outstanding individual among other financial managers as Chairman of the “SCHON GROUP”. He has several tasks in Saudi Arabia and his child, and he is also the pilot for Karachi who is preparing his focus.


Yaqoob Abdul Razzak


Abdul Razzak Yaqoob is also an esteemed, exclusive person born on 17 May 1944 and died because of his serious illness on 21 February 2014. He remains on Pakistan’s top ten richest men with a net value of $1 trillion in 2021.

He was the “ARY Group of Industries,” and he was also the lifetime head of the “World Memon Organization.” He was Pakistan’s most extravagant individual, and his overall profit was $1 billion, which is why he is in the top 10 most extravagant people in Pakistan.

Saigol Tariq


Tariq Saigol is one of Pakistan’s ten richest people, with a net value of $0.9 trillion. He belongs to a Saigol family that has only migrated for doing business from Kolkata, India, to Faislabad, Pakistan, and they have strong business influence. Tariq is the owner of “Kohinoor-Maple Group” and has a significant investment in the Kohinoor Textile Mill and Pak Electron Ltd. He is also the partner of the Kohinoor Power Company. He also offered his services abroad and has always been decisive since.

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