Top 7 Compelling Reasons call center outsourcing in India can reboot your business:

Providing outstanding customer service is more crucial than ever to remain competitive. Surveys have found that 86 percent of customers are willing to pay more, provided that businesses give them a good experience. One surefire method to improve your brand’s CX is by investing in call center outsourcing in India.

Since the pandemic drove customers to find their required products and services online, call center agents are now the cornerstone of your customer service strategy. They represent your brand’s commitment to the customer experience and show customers that you are concerned about their needs.

Between 2021 and 2025, call center outsourcing is expected to expand by $14.05 billion globally, according to industry analysts. The growing demand for call center services demonstrates how increasingly more companies realize their worth to their brand and client base. Let’s explore more thoroughly the benefits of outsourcing customer support to the Philippines for companies of all sizes.

7 Different Ways Call Center Outsourcing Added Value to Your Business in 2021:

Adaptability and Flexibility Amidst Crisis:

Firstly, businesses from almost all sectors were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic, with some even being forced to suspend operations. For those in the call center outsourcing sector, the pandemic’s adjustments opened up new prospects.

The contact center sector quickly adapted to the new standard by embracing work-from-home models. And also taking advantage of new technologies. You may feel secure knowing that your company is in capable hands when you make an investment in call center outsourcing in India. Reliable call center service providers can adjust to environmental obstacles and remain afloat even in times of crisis.

Improving Customer Experience:

In 2021, customer experience, or CX, will continue to rule. CX has always been crucial to a company’s success, but the epidemic made it much more apparent. Half of all consumers believe that customer experience is more essential now than it was a year ago, according to research from Zendesk.

How can companies adapt to the constantly changing demands of their customers? Invest in outsourcing call centers.

Your customer service personnel interact closely with consumers, giving them a chance to get their candid input on any issues. Or potential improvements. You can more effectively track, measure, and analyze customer satisfaction by working with a skilled call center outsourcing in India team.

Omni-Channel Capabilities:

Consumers today want to interact with companies on their terms and through the channels of their choice. According to research, omnichannel customer assistance is used by organizations to retain roughly 89% of their clients. Conversely, brands that don’t make an investment in omnichannel capabilities only keep 33% of the new customers they acquire.

For businesses to thrive in the cutthroat global market of today, they must provide clients with a variety of ways to contact them. Partner with a call center outsourcing company that has experience. The ideal outsourcing company can provide round-the-clock customer service across a variety of channels.This includes phone, email, website, live chat, and social media.

Access to the latest technology:

Working with a call center outsourcing company has the additional benefit of utilizing the most recent technical developments. Their workflow can be automated, leads can be generated, and conversion rates can be raised using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

An illustration of this is the AI chatbot that call center outsourcing companies to deploy to make waiting in lines more pleasant and effective. Customers and agents experience a seamless procedure because of chatbots’ individualized service and shorter call times.

Reduction in costs:

It can be expensive to set up an internal team to offer customer assistance. You’ll need to create the required infrastructure, select the best personnel, and make training investments in them. You may avoid these stages and get the services you require right away by working with a call center outsourcing company, which will help you save a lot of time and money.

Let the knowledgeable staff of call center outsourcing providers handle your customer support needs rather than devoting time away from your core business operations. Now that skilled agents are on duty constantly to serve your customers’ requirements, you can concentrate on what you do best.


Whether you require to expand or downsize, the right company for call center outsourcing in India can scale services accordingly. The ideal outsourced team can customize their offerings to your specific needs. And goals, denoting that you only spend for what you use and saving resources for other important business functions.

Access to customer service professionals:

According to Hubspot’s research, a mere 5 percent increase in customer retention can result in a 25 percent increase in profit. This data shows us that keeping repeat customers may be as crucial if not more important, than acquiring new ones. The experts who offer call center outsourcing in India know this, and they will use their expertise to help you retain customers.

Your customer service workforce represents your business when interacting with present or potential customers. As such, it’s important to work with a call center outsourcing company that has expertise. And also experience and can deliver proven results.

What Is the Price of Outsourcing a Call Center?

You might be wondering, “How much does it cost to outsource a call center,” now that you are aware of the benefits call center outsourcing offers your business. The location of your choice for outsourcing will have a significant impact on expenses, to name one.

Onshore outsourcing is typically more expensive than offshore outsourcing. For instance, the typical cost of outsourcing a call center is between $20 and $30 in the United States and Canada. Costs for Western Europe could reach $40. On the other hand, the cost ranges from $8 to $14 if you choose to outsource customer assistance to the Philippines.

Why Should Customer Service Outsourcing in India Be Your First Choice?

Best-in-Class Workforce:

There is a reason why India has been called the “Top outsourcing destination in the World”. The country has a wealth of talent. Agents in India are known for being hard-working, empathetic, and customer-centric. Which are the top qualities that customers value in customer support representatives.

India is to have the highest literacy rate in studies among Asian nations, at 97.95%. When you choose to outsource your customer care to India, you have access to a big talent pool of highly skilled employees that can deliver the personal touch your customers demand.

Value-Driven and Economic Outsourced Solutions

While cost-cutting tactics may be enticing, they shouldn’t be the primary consideration when choosing an outsourcing location. The value offered by call center outsourcing in India is the real benefits there, even though it may be more affordable than using onshore solutions.

With the Top BPO services provider in India, you can make the most out of your investment. A trustworthy team will travel the extra mile to ensure your business’s success. Working 24/7 to enhance your brand’s presence in the eyes of your customers.

Statistics about Outsourcing to India That You Should Watch out for:

Today, India faces fierce rivalry from a number of nations, including China and the Philippines. However, India has succeeded in becoming the world’s top location for outsourcing. Need figures? Look down below!

  • Firstly, the A.T. Kearney 2019 Global Services Location Index places India as the world’s top outsourcing destination.
  • Secondly, 80% of outsourcing companies in Europe and the US ranked India as their preferred location for outsourcing.
  • Thirdly, according to a recent Deloitte survey, 22% of organizations are currently considering outsourcing to India, while 59% of businesses are already doing so.

Work with the right call center outsourcing experts:

Concluding, are you prepared to start taking your business’s CX to the next level? Reach out to a top BPO services provider in India. They will offer an extensive range of outsourcing solutions that will make your brand reach new heights of outsourcing.


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