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Top Surprising Yet Amazing Sources Of Protein

Source of protein

While people talk a lot about chicken, meat, poultry, lentils, etc., being excellent sources of protein, they often overlook the fact that the other foods they see in their daily life also have abundant protein. The top vegan sources of protein also come under the list of surprising sources of protein. These sources become vital as protein is a macronutrient essential for various bodily functions such as increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones, and supporting a healthy immune system. 

Many people rely on protein supplements when they are unable to suffice their protein needs through regular protein-rich foods, especially for heavy muscle training. These days, as the demand for clean food supplements is rising, plant protein supplements are giving tough competition to whey protein sources. One such pure and high-quality plant protein supplement is Utsaha by Nature Sutra. The supplement is prepared with optimum care and provides all the nine essential amino acids that kick start muscle growth and boost the immune system. 

Surprisingly Great Sources Of Protein

Your body demands variety in foods, so why rely on repetitive, boring protein-rich foods? Instead, there are hidden treasures of protein-rich foods of which many people are unaware. Below-given are protein-rich foods that offer excellent nutrition and satisfy the body’s protein needs with their unique distinctiveness. 

1. Amaranth-

Whatever you want to call it, seed or grain, amaranth is a relative of quinoa that is gaining popularity because of its protein-rich content. People with gluten sensitivity can pick this protein-rich food without any fear at the supermarket as it is absolutely gluten-free. Not only this, but it contains all the nine essential amino acids and is a whole protein source. You can prepare it as a crunchy topping on salads and oats.

2. Peas-

While vegetarians are aware, many people still do not know about the high amount of protein in peas. Other than protein, this veggie of the legume family also provides high fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Enjoy the mushy and sweet taste in your meals next time you wish to eat a protein-rich healthy meal!

3. Pistachios-

Yes, the salty and nutty pistachios are a surprisingly tasty source of protein. They are jam packed with other vital nutrients such as iron and zinc. Cashews are another popular nut for being a protein-rich healthy snack.

4. Milk-

If you are giving double thoughts about adding milk to your tea or coffee, don’t worry; here is an excuse for you! Milk, as well as fortified soy milk, are wholesome protein sources containing vital amino acids, calcium, B group vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

5. Cereal-

How can we miss cereal when we discuss milk? Yes, the two best friends provide a decent amount of protein. Cereal is a satiating food and keeps one fuller for longer. Whole Grain wheat biscuits are full of amino acids. Similarly, oats also contain a good quantity of protein and can provide you a protein-packed breakfast.

6. SoyBeans-

Soybeans hit different when it comes to protein. Almost as much as non-vegetarian sources of protein like meat, soybeans offer beneficial amino acids. What’s more? Soybeans make a fantastic alternative for non-vegetarian meat sources of protein in taste as well.

7. Peanut Butter-

Be it fruits or a bread slice, peanut butter comes as a handy favorite snack for many sweet tooths. The yummy munching option is also rich in other nutrients than protein, such as vitamin E and magnesium. Other nut butter also has protein in different quantities.

8. Potato-

You may avoid potato chips for various reasons but remember cooked potatoes are not the real criminals. Rich in protein, potatoes also provide other nutrients like potassium in good amounts. In addition, whole potatoes, along with the skin, have vitamin C and extra fiber.

9. Chia Seeds-

Along with an astonishing amount of omega 3 fatty acids, chia seeds are also rich in high-quality protein. As a result, chia seeds are popular for boosting health and brain functions along with having loads of calcium and fiber. The superfood is not only easily available but is very versatile with various meals. You can sprinkle some chia seeds on cereal or oats or simply blend them to prepare a smoothie and enjoy the protein nutrition.

10. Yogurt-

A prebiotics boost is something the gut loves. Yogurt is an enrichment of smoothies, cereal, and other snacks. The protein content may vary from the category of yogurt. Generally, plain and greek yogurt has the maximum amount of protein.

11. Chickpeas-

This vegan source of high-quality protein is budget-friendly as well as nutritious. Low on the glycemic index, chickpea is a source of protein that people with diabetes and hypertension can consume without double thoughts. In addition to protein and the essential amino acids, chickpeas also provide health-benefiting nutrients such as iron, folate, zinc, etc.

12. Artichokes-

Artichokes are another surprising source of protein. They have abundant protein with amino acids. It is better to consume canned artichokes to take advantage of their high protein content. 

To sum up, it can be said that these surprising yet amazing sources of protein can become your go-to alternative if you cannot consume the mainstream protein-rich foods. However, make sure you take your doctor’s advice if you have any allergies or any underlying disease before adding these sources of protein into the diet. Mostly, all of them add up to the daily value requirements of protein and even other vital nutrients the body needs. Hence, add them to the grocery list next time you hit the supermarket!

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