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UAE: How To Get A Pest Control Certificate For Existing Building & New Buildings In Umm Al Quwain

An Intro to Necessity of Pest Control in Umm Al Quwain

Importance of pest control in Umm Al Quwain is an example of a nation sustaining itself by helping citizens safe and sound in the country. It ensures citizens with good health and better standard of living thereby providing an apt environment in building a great economy. The base of any nation is its citizens. And as the well being of nationals is the top priority. Elevating the standard of living and giving utmost care in the building and infrastructure does also come under this priority. The buildings can belong to anyone from the nationals to the Emirati government. And for all purposes of safety, it is important to consider the quality of the substance used in building one. Whether it be the woods used, the steel bars or the soil . Other inventory that goes into buildings must be monitored strictly for preventing quality degradation. 

As we raise buildings and other establishments, it is important to keep the degree of safety. Also preserve the quality of products we use. The raw materials should be specially taken care of. By practicing so these can not only ensure the safety of the building and also the citizens’ housing the same. It can also contribute to the long life span of the building. 

Why is Pest Control in Umm Al Quwain Necessary ?

Pest control units have been proving to be very effective and important for reducing the overall expense in project development. They have various applications in different facets of the business industry. Such as in the case of inventory, procurement, production, manufacturing and warehousing. In each area the application differs. Better raw materials helps to attain better outcomes irrespective of the industry. And better care in procurement of these materials helps in longer life which reduces the inventory cost in a project.  Warehousing is the most important after production step which needs to be held carefully for better delivery. It is done not to compromise the quality of the output.   

The UAQ government has made it mandatory for any building to have the pest control certificate. The purpose of which is to maintain the pest control procedure intact to reduce the damage of the building and establishment.  This is also applicable for the new and existing buildings as pest control also affects existing buildings too. The pest control is in terms of all the dangerous species like termites, rodents, and insects. All these pose a threat towards health and wealth collectively. To bring this under control it has become unavoidable to exercise necessary steps to lessen the loss.  

Benefits of Pest Control Certificates in Umm Al Quwain

The ultimate result is to benefit the company or the individual. Term individual refers to the sole owners of a building which can be a house, an office space etc. As a company, this certificate plays a crucial role in reducing company asset expense. Consequently it reduces annual expenses occurring in a company. In any company, it is important to maintain the furniture which contributes to the aesthetics of the company. 

Companies might spend a huge amount of money for making the working environment according to the demands of the workforce. It can also be based on the nature of work carried out and conducted which demands the same. By issuing this certificate, the company can also keep the track of resource shelf life and renew as the time suggests. As for individuals, it helps to keep track of the quality and maintain the same till the project is completed.

Steps for Issuing Pest Control Certificate in Umm Al Quwain

Now whether it is a construction company or for an individual, the raw materials needed to be assessed. And also should be evaluated carefully for the better and qualitative development of the project. There are various documents needed for issuing the certificates. These differ for existing buildings as well as for new buildings. This difference may be the cause of the aging factor of a building. For new buildings the necessary documents would be a site plan and map drawing of the building. While for existing buildings, the required document may vary as they would need a trade license and map drawing of the building.     

The issue certificate for any building whether existing or new building would include the above-mentioned data. Necessary data in these certificates would be useful for the authorities as well as the owner or companies for self help. It would also help the concerned individual or company as they would aid you in taking necessary steps. While  also helps to plan a course of action for the proper management of the building. Data in the certificate would contain the description of the building- whether existing or new. In addition to that service, the beneficiary would also be noted whether it belongs to an individual or a company. Only change which would be noted in case of an existing building is that it would possess a trade license. And in case of a new building a site map will be there. The common document in both is a drawing map of buildings. 

Pest Control Certificate- A Self Review 

The process in issuing these certificates will be according to a predesigned procedure.  Firstly there’s a concerned division in the board which will be responsible for reviewing all the documents.  The beneficiaries would submit all the necessary documents to the concerned division. After careful review there will be a location inspection. This inspection will be conducted by the concerned authorities too. Following which if the datas are found relevant and adequate, it would receive the approval from the head of department. Once approved the pest control certificate can be retrieved by the concerned beneficiaries after payment of the fees.  

Tahssin – Pest Control Service in Umm Al Quwain

In the interest of bringing the pest attacks under uncontrol there are numerous services opened up for pest control services. Tahssin has specialized itself in all the dangerous pests like termites, rodents and other disease causing insects. Apart from adults, the health issues of children are to be taken care of by pest attacks. Hence they can be affected badly and severely. Tahssin also has its specified services in UAQ, offering best quality services without compromising the safety standards. We offer our best services not only for the building but also for public areas and facilities. Being a pest control company offering the best pest control services in UAQ, we specialize in a wide array. For example,  manufacturing and food processing, timber processing etc. In other words we have extended our services to landfills, markets and wastewater treatment plants. 

We provide our key focus to the area where the public and citizens concentrate more. For example we provide services in public gardens and parks, citizens homes, ports, hotels and others. We are also experts in soil testing and consultation services and issue certificates for the same. Service we provide does ensure the best and safe practices for testing and advocates the practices that promote pest control treatment methods.  

Tahssin are a group of trusted, experienced and specialized professionals dealing with cases related to insect control. Our team uses the latest type of pesticides and insecticide to ensure the quality of prevention of termites, insects and rodents in future. Each and every building whether constructed or under construction irrespective of the sector has its value. And that is which we have to preserve which inturn increases the lifespan thereby reducing the wastage of energy and money. 

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