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Water Purification And Why Do We Need Water Purifier Service

Pure and clean water has become a scarcity to find these days. With the growing population and industrial development, finding pure drinking water isn’t that easy. Water pollution has been a growing concern for the world for a long time. Hence, we need to be aware of wat犀利士
er purification.
What does a water purifier do? Why do we need water purifier service ?

What is Water purification?

 Water purification removes pollutant chemicals, contaminants, dangerous microbes, and other unhealthy minerals. The goal is to produce disinfected and purified water.

  •  Are Excessive Minerals Dangerous To The Human Body?

A lot of minerals are found in water that is important for the human body. But consuming an excess amount can lead to certain illnesses. Hence, a water purifier removes the excess minerals, suspended particles, microbes and retains the essential minerals and vitamins.

  • How Does A Purifier Work?

Water purifiers suck up the raw contaminated water and filter the impurities ranging from dangerous micro-organisms and then dispense clean water. The method used in the physical processes is – Filtration, sedimentation, and distillation. Apart from these, flocculation and chlorination are used to purify water

  • What Is The Major Difference Between A Purifier And A Filter?

A huge difference between the two is that a purifier can remove viruses and bacteria, that filters cannot. Some purifiers use chemicals, and others use an electrostatic charge to get rid of the viruses.

The process of Chlorination had a negative impact on human health. Hence, it paved the way for other purifying techniques. All the water purifiers have filters that help kill all the germs and bacteria in the water.

Below Is A List Of Filters For Water Purification…

  • Active Carbon Filter 

This filter purifies chlorine, carbon monoxide, etc. it also eliminates dead algae from water and absorbs chlorine and other pollutants. 

  • Biosand Filter

It is used to remove pathogens and suspended solids from contaminated water. The microorganisms in the biolayer of the filter eat away the pathogens and improve the overall water quality.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filters 

This filter in water purifiers is perhaps the most used in today’s time. Reverse Osmosis filters or RO filters offer a multi-stage filtration of water. It combines active carbon and particle filtration. This filter weeds out all the dangerous microbes and impurities through very small-sized pores.

  • Ultra-Violet Filters 

In an ultraviolet filter, UV rays are used to kill bacteria and other living microbes. It directly attacks the DNA and kills the bacteria. This Filter is efficient at killing all types of pathogens. 

  • Ceramic Filters 

This filter can drain out bacteria from water through small pores. It can also be effective in getting rid of chlorine.

How To Choose The Perfect Water Purifier

 To choose the perfect water purifier, you need to check the contamination level of your water. If the water is too contaminated, then using RO service can be a good option. You may do a laboratory test to check how much water is contaminated.

A general water test may show whether you need a high-end water purifier or not. The nearest water purifier service may be able to provide more information regarding the best option.

Importance Of Water Purifier Service

Nowadays, a water purifier is very common to have in all households. We need clean and safe water for consumption. Be it residential, commercial, or industrial sites; we need a water purifier to protect our health from all impurities. 

But to maintain it, we need to do servicing every once in a while. A filter is the water purifier’s defense system. That’s why it’s essential to maintain and change filters on time. 

RO filter coupled with UV is something that has been in the trend. It is important to consult a professional engineer for constant water purifier service. A consumer may also apply for AMC.

The Usefulness Of Signing Up An Annual Maintenance Contract

Nowadays, since, more or less, every house has various electrical appliances, signing up for an Annual Maintenance Contract has become essential to avoid all unforeseen issues. Especially this is needed for water purifiers. As this appliance is something that if any problem arises with it, drinking purified water would be impossible.

This contract safeguards the purifier from such issues that the members of the house can’t resolve. Experts will always be available. No matter what the time or situation may be. soon after the customer lodges the complaint.

This contract would also cover many major expenses of the purifier. And the one-time payment made by the customer during the signing of the contract for a year.

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