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What are the prerequisites for obtaining a TSS Visa?

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a TSS Visa?

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a TSS Visa?

The TSS visa lets the holder live in Australia for a limited period while working a full-time job in the sponsored business’s selected position. Applicants for a TSS visa may include dependent kin in their application. TSS visas are available in two types: short-term and medium-term. Applicants whose occupations are listed on the Short-term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL) are eligible for up to two-year visas (renewable once for another two years). Individuals holding positions on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List are eligible for four-year visas with the possibility of obtaining permanent residence status after three years.

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a TSS Visa?

It is critical to double-check your needs. These may vary according to the vocation for which you are being sponsored. On average, the following are the primary requirements:

English Language Exam: Unless you’re from New Zealand, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, the USA, or the UK, you will be required to take an English language test. Additionally, there are several other English exam exemptions based on your academic past. The following companies offer the English language test:

Relevant Skills and Qualifications: You must possess the necessary skills and credentials for the employment you are being sponsored. These are established by the Standard Classification of Occupations in Australia and New Zealand (ANZSCO).

Whatever position you apply for, you must have at least two years of full-time experience, often within the past five years. The required degree of expertise, abilities, and certifications varies by employment. Certain jobs may also need you to be registered or licensed.

Medical Examinations and Health Insurance: If your country of birth has a high prevalence of tuberculosis, you may be required to undergo a medical examination. Additionally, if you have spent over three months in a nation on the examination list, you may be required to have an examination. Unless you are from a nation with which Australia has a reciprocal agreement, you must make suitable preparations for health coverage (i.e., purchase private medical insurance) for the duration of your visa. These countries are as follows:


Character & Police Checks: You will be required to present a Police Certificate Issued for each nation in which you have resided for a year or longer in the past decade. Please keep in mind that Police Clearance Certifications are only applicable for twelve months.

Age: Individuals of any age may apply. However, while applying for a PR Visa, there are age limits.

What will the cost be?

The TSS Visa application process is time-consuming and costly, which is why it’s critical to do it properly the first time. It is critical to understand the expenses involved since some are borne by your company, while you may bear others. Your expenses may include the following:

You must understand what the TSS Visa is and what you must do before beginning the visa application process. Self-education will save both time and effort.

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