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What is Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal technique consists of applying a very intense beam of light to the areas of the skin where you want the hair to disappear. The ray, which is well used, manages to burn the hair to the root, which often delays the activity of the follicle, which creates it when it is not completely eliminated.

Among its benefits, it is a method that avoids having to undergo waxing fo犀利士
r at least several years, and sometimes completely eliminates this “need”. Among its drawbacks are its high price, which in some people can reach a thousand euros, and the duration of the treatment, which can reach up to a year, since it is usually distributed month by month.

But given the doubts that both Esther’s questions and Carmen’s testimony may raise, we approached Ligia Grau, a graduate in aesthetic medicine who tried to clarify them, at least from a professional perspective. First, Dr. Grau warns us that one of the main problems with this system is that it is often performed in cosmetic clinics where the manipulation of the devices is not in the hands of healthcare professionals.

The “consequence”, explains the doctor, “can be bad applications of laser light on the skin. Which can cause painful and ugly burns, either by giving too much intensity or by exceeding the exposure time”. For this reason, she recommends “always going to clinics. Where the request is made by health professionals, although their price is much higher. If one does not want to become guinea pigs to teach intruders in the sector.”

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No risk of cancer

In any case, Grau emphasizes that “apart from the burns that are undoubtedly annoying, best laser hair removal is in principle no longer dangerous as long as the patient’s skin is properly assessed”. For example, the doctor completely rules out that there is a relationship between the appearance of melanoma (skin cancer) and the application of the laser on the skin.

“Due to their exposure time and focus on specific areas. The lasers used have no more influence on the genetic material in skin cells than an FM radio wave. So, it is impossible to promote the appearance of melanomas”. However, if you explain that photo epilation, even applied correctly. Can be somewhat painful in the case of extremely sensitive skin. “What is recommended in these cases is the application of a local anesthetic cream before the session.”

Shave your hair and avoid sunbathing

The photo epilation or laser hair removal treatment can last up to a year; The reason is that “there is a period of time between sessions where it is recommended to avoid sunbathing. So as not to favor the appearance of spots or burns because the skin will be very sensitive”. “Later”, Grau adds, “you should not sunbathe for the first few weeks, and then you will give yourself a lot of sunscreen.”

On the other hand, before applying, he recommends shaving the hair in the area to be treated. “To facilitate access to the root”. But “it should be done with a blade and not with tweezers to pull the hair. Or wax, then I would also add roots, which we want to cauterize. ”He also says that one of the advantages of the system is that“ it can be applied to all types of surfaces and skins, which is not the case with other methods ”.

Finally, he sets an exception to the efficiency of the system. Blond or white hair without melanin cannot be burned, and therefore laser hair removal is ineffective on them. “The most sensible and honest thing a professional can do is to examine the area before the laser session. And to abandon the application if they find very thick blonde hair.”

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