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Which Treatment is Better, Kybella Or Coolsculpting?

Kybella and Coolsculpting

Are you torn between Kybella or coolsculpting? Worry no more. We will explain each method and how you can benefit from it. From there, you know which way is best for your needs.

Both Kybella and coolsculpting are non-surgical processes to get rid of stubborn fat. However, you can apply coolsculpting all over the body, and Kybella is best for a double chin. In a few cases, you can use Kybella, such as small fat pouches around the arms and tummy.

What is Kybella

Kybella is a synthetic injection that is meant to dissolve stubborn fats. In most cases, specialists use it on the double chin to target the fat deposits. Kybella uses deoxycholic acid, which resembles an acid produced in the body.

When Kybella gets into the body, it breaks down the fat cells. Therefore, the esthetician needs to inject Kybella Close to the target region.

How Does Kybella Work

Deoxycholic acid works by dissolving the fat cells’ membrane; The membrane functions as a shield to the inner parts of the fat cells. Without the shield, the fat cells deteriorate and die.

After the acid destroys the fat cells, the body will eject the cells through metabolism. The process is natural and gradual, and that’s why it takes some time before you can see results from Kybella.


It’s hard to see the decrease in the fat layer after the first injection, and most patients report a reduction after the second treatment. Since Kybella works slowly, that’s why it requires several treatments to achieve desired results.

Several patients take six sessions, and others may take fewer sessions, depending on the size of the fat layer. The sessions are usually four months apart. Thus, you can complete the six-sessions treatment within four months.

Whether you take Kybella or coolsculpting, you will get permanent results. Since fat cells spread through self-regeneration, Kybela ensures no fat cells are remaining to regenerate. However, you can have a resurgence of fat deposits in the treatment area if you live an unhealthy life- Fat cells can creep in from other parts into the treated area.


Side Effects

The last three side effects are rare and moderate.

What is Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is applying cold temperatures above fat layers so that you freeze the fat cells to death. The experts use a coolsculpting applicator to hold a treatment area in place through vacuum suction. Coolsculpting is suitable for all skin types.

How Does Coolsculpting Work

Fat cells are sensitive to cold temperatures. Thus, when you apply cold to your skin, the fat layers beneath are the first to feel the effect. The cold applied is regulated so that it doesn’t harm other body cells.

Coolsculpting is painless. However, you may feel some discomfort before the treatment area gets numb due to cold temperatures.

The coolsculpting applicator gently sucks in the treatment area, pulling the fat layer away from body tissues. Then, they set the temperatures to the needed levels. You will stay with the applicator for about 30-60 minutes. The duration depends on the part you are treating and the size of the fat layer.

After the treatment session, the esthetician will massage the area. The process is uncomfortable as they try to disintegrate the frozen fat cells, which are in lumps. You will feel pain depending on your body’s degree of pain coefficient.


Coolsculpting has no downtime. You can rush for the treatment during the lunch break. However, you’ll start noticing a decrease in the fat layer in the fourth week after the treatment. The duration is because the body gradually ejects the dead fat cells through metabolism.

Many patients need three sessions to see optimum results. However, if the fat layer is small, you can have two sessions. There are few cases that a patient only gets one session and gets rid of all the fat layer.

Coolsculpting results are permanent, and it’s because the process leaves no fat cells that can regenerate. However, if you get overweight again, you may experience some fat deposits in the treated area.


Side Effects

Which Treatment is Better – Kybella or Coolsculpting?

When you have some stubborn fat deposits, you’ll be torn between Kybella or coolsculpting. There are a few things you should check to determine the best treatment for you.

First, Kybella works best in smaller fat deposits. That’s why it is the most preferred treatment for double chin, and you can also use it for other small areas.

Coolsculpting, on the other hand, is perfect for larger areas. However, there are special applicators for smaller areas if you have a phobia of injections. You may have conditions that get worse with cold temperatures, and in such cases, you should avoid coolsculpting. But if you are suffering from skin laxity, you should choose coolsculpting over Kybella.


Whether you choose Kybella or coolsculpting, you will get the results you want. However, some conditions may hinder you from taking coolsculpting.

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