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Worst Digital Customer Service Mistakes

Shifting clients around(online business ideas)

One of the most aggravating problems customers have is being bounced between communication channels. Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence: only 20% of businesses respond to a customer’s query on the first contact.(online business ideas)

You may have made this digital customer service blunder yourself. It can feel like you’re taking one step forward and two steps back when you call a firm with a problem only to be instructed to email them instead.

Nonetheless, both parties of the interaction can understand the issue. While customers always desire to have their problems resolved right away, contact agents may need to switch contact channels in order to properly comprehend the customer’s issue.

We looked at how organisations with an omnichannel approach might avoid this digital customer service pain-point in our last example.

An omnichannel customer service platform, rather than bouncing customers from one channel to the next, allows agents to handle several channels from a single interface.

Agents can also escalate client contacts to different channels in the same session using this method. The same agent always deal the customers.

They relieve customer anxiety by ensuring that customers never have to start again with a new team member. Besides, they can resolve their issues during a single contact session. in addition, they won’t feel as if they’re circling in circles merely to attract your attention.

Making a grammatical error(online business ideas)

While they make most digital customer service mistakes through social media comments, speaking to your consumers in the wrong tone can happen through any interaction channel.

For example, 78 percent of consumers are unsatisfied with the service they receive when they are denied a request in a casual and unrepentant manner. When they address them to in a more contrite tone, their dissatisfaction drops considerably.

It’s never a good idea to get the tone incorrect during a customer service transaction, just like it’s never a good idea to behave brutally to your clients. While you may believe that cracking a joke with your customers would help to smooth the conversation and foster empathy, you must be careful not to go too far.

Encourage your customer service representatives to use humour selectively. This isn’t to say that agents can’t be amusing at times, but they must always maintain a professional demeanour.

It’s more important to address the customer’s problem than to make them laugh. You’d be far better off trying to make them laugh with excellent customer service and saving the jokes for your social media feed – as long as they’re clean and on-brand!

Failure to seek feedback

Asking for feedback is one of the most effective strategies to improve your overall digital customer service.

A shocking 91 percent of customers quit a firm without informing the owner of the reason for their departure. That’s a large number of customers who might have remained loyal if they’d been given the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Take the initiative over your competition by reaching out to your customers to avoid this digital customer service blunder. Demonstrate to them that you’re paying attention.

It’s really simple to accomplish. Simply use one of the dozens of online feedback and survey options. Any negative feedback you receive can aid in the development of critical enhancements that will keep clients loyal.

Ignoring the importance of self-service

This digital customer care blunder can be quite aggravating for both contact personnel and customers.

Furthermore, some clients will irritate that they must contact you when they know they could handle the problem themselves.

With the use of self-service tools increasing by 80%, most customers are increasingly comfortable seeking help online. You simply want to ensure that they’re looking at your resources rather than those of your competitors.
Furthermore, 77 percent of buyers think that brands that solicit feedback are more trustworthy. However, not enough firms take advantage of their customers’ opinions.

Fortunately, there’s a quick fix that can convert this blunder into a digital customer service triumph. Begin by looking at your customer’s path.

Indifferent replies

Poor personalization has caused 63 percent of customers to discontinue buying products or services. While this digital customer care blunder may not appear to be the worst on the list, it can easily be the final straw in terms of customer retention.

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation. Let’s say a customer has placed an online order and is waiting for it to arrive. They don’t get any notifications, and when they do, they’re tossed around from channel to channel.

Finally, they are directed to contact the customer support department through email, where they will receive an indifferent answer that does not address their concern or even their name. ‘We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!’ says the email, merely asking people to wait.

Is it likely that this consumer will make another purchase from this company? Not likely, according to research: 85 percent of customers will go elsewhere because of ‘easily avoidable’ poor customer service. We don’t know anything is easier than using a customer’s name!

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