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10 Best Vape Juice Flavours

Vape Juice Flavours

Flavours play a crucial role in your Elux legend vaping experience. If the flavour is not the one you like, you will feel irritation to inhale it. It is the same as eating a dish that is not appealing to your taste buds, but you are hungry here; you are forcefully healing your stomach’s need. You will definitely switch to your favourite dish as your first priority in this situation. So, why not make vaping enjoyable by switching it to your favourite flavour.

Let’s get into the ocean of the top-ranking vape flavours and disposable vape like Geek bar and Elux legend so that you could possibly get some idea to select one for yourself. Here is another thing necessary to be mentioned inside the vape there are so many things that participate in improving or decreasing the essence of the available flavour. Quality of coils, temperature, percentage of Propylene Glycol and airflow is as essential as their maintenance participates in the procedure. Moreover, if you are not jumping in technicalities, we can simply elaborate on the top-ranking flavours that can boost your vaping experience to the skies.

● Smooth Tobacco
This flavour is usually loved by the newbies that are particularly switching from smoking to vaping. Vaping industry has so much for them, along with this fantastic flavour. This vape flavour does not let them feel down as they are habitual to taste real tobacco flavour. So they can keep going on with the same one if they are less interested in other flavours yet. Smooth Tobacco flavour will heal their taste buds slowly so that they could feel easy to try something new that is lighter than this one.

● Caramel Tobacco
Caramel Tobacco belongs to the same groups of flavours that are preferred by the new switchers. But here, they can enjoy a sweet caramel flavour with honey-like notes along with a touch of tobacco flavour.

● Mint Menthol
This flavour is a super cool one as it carries all the chillness of fresh mint leaves with a strong menthol touch. Vapers like to inhale this flavour in summers because they feel it refreshing in touch hot days.

● Mix Fruit
This flavour is a super classy one as it carries all the richness of a series of fruity flavours. You can try it if you are not sure to select the best one because it ranks among the ten most loved vape flavours. It has all the richness of so many sweet and sour fruits, and you never feel bored.

● Cotton Candy
How can one forget cotton candy flavour if it is all about delicious flavour inhale? It is pretty obvious that people love to experience new flavours. Thus, they finalise some of them to taste again and again. Cotton Candy flavour is one of them because it does not make you feel dull as it carries all the sweetness of plenty of fruits.

● Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Kiwi flavour is a super thrilling flavour because it carries all the richness of strawberries and fresh kiwi. Basically, both of these fruits contain sweet and sour notes that why their blend becomes more thrilling. The tart notes covered inside the bundle of sweetness play with the vaper’s taste buds. That’s how they love this flavour to inhale in their vapes.

● Sour Apple
It is a delicious flavour that ranks among the ten most demanded flavours. It is developed by considering the taste of natural green apples. Green apples are basically sour apples because they carry more sour notes than red apples. People love its essence and relate it to the fresh green apple juice; that’s why they prefer to inhale it.

● Angel Tears
This flavour is a super fantastic blend of three tremendously yummy fruity flavours. Watermelon, strawberries and a portion of coconut have made the taste super exciting. This flavour is considered sweet because, among the three fruit, only strawberries carry slight sour notes. That’s why the sweetness of coconut and watermelon participates in dominating the sweet flavour of strawberries as well.

● Blackcurrant
Blackcurrant flavour is as sweet as it can be imagined because its flavour is genuinely driven by its organic taste. The taste developing professionals are always up for doing their best to meet the flavour goals of the vapers. Thus, they became successful in accomplishing the target in this case. That’s how Blackcurrant vape flavour has become one of the most delicious flavours.

● Energy Ice
A wide range of people has loved energy Ice flavour because it makes them feel fresh. Basically, this flavour delivers super fizzy notes like sipping a mouthful quantity of fizzy energy drinks. The icy effect adds up the inhale experience by making them feel as cool as breathing in a frozen palace. That’s why this flavour has earned this much reputation among a longes series of different vape flavours.

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