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10 Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen

Today we will share 10 ideas to refresh your kitchen. Do you want to renovate your kitchen in a modern kitchen? We will share some basic tips with you to renovate your kitchen on a small budget. Renovating your kitchen without exploding your budget is possible! Discover all our ideas to give it a facelift easily.

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Do you want to change your kitchen without breaking the bank? Why not make small renovations to refresh your kitchen?

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No need to redo the entire room from floor to ceiling to give your kitchen a facelift. Indeed, you can change the color by installing a new splashback, by painting a section of wall with colored paint, or even by adding aromatic plants. These will bring greenery to the room while being able to be used in small dishes. The makeover of the kitchen can also be done with the tiles or the furniture. Paint, adhesive, there is something for everyone! Discover our 10 ideas for refreshing your kitchen.

10 Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen

  • Change handles

To refresh your kitchen, change the handles of your furniture. We choose doorknobs or leather handles to give a new look to our kitchen furniture.

Change Handles Refresh Your Kitchen

  • Repaint the tiling of the splashback
    Do you want to renovate your kitchen without redoing everything? Repaint the backsplash with tile paint.

Repaint The Tiling Of The Splashback

  • Use an adhesive coating
    To give a new style to your cupboards, use an adhesive coating: imitation wood, steel, plain, slate …

Use And Adhesive Coating Refresh Your Kitchen

  • Using slate paint
    On a wall in your kitchen, use slate paint. Children love it, it’s original and you will be sure not to forget anything!

Using Slate Paint

  • Repaint the walls
    To easily renovate and refresh your kitchen, change the color of the walls.

Repaint The Walls

10 Ideas To Refresh Your Kitchen

  • Add aromatic plants
    By installing aromatic plants near your window, you give a new style to your kitchen while cultivating herbs that can be very useful in your dishes.

Add Aromatic Plants Refresh Your Kitchen

  • Renovate the floor
    More complicated work, but to refresh your kitchen, nothing better than changing the floor! Install the tiles you’ve been craving for some time and you’ll feel like you’ve got a new kitchen.

Renovate The Floor

  • Replace the Tap
    Change the tap and install a mixer in the kitchen instead. In addition to refreshing it, this change will save you water.

Replace The Tap

  • Diversify light sources
    Install neon lights, hanging bulbs … Diversify the light sources for a well-lit kitchen.

Diversify Light Sources

  • Choose appliances of the same color
    If you are renovating your kitchen and want to have a harmonious room, choose appliances of the same color.

Choose Appliances Of The Same Color Refresh Your Kitchen

 inexpensive ideas to revamp your kitchen

  • Repaint the closet doors
  • Change the closet doors
  • Remove the closet doors
  • Apply adhesives to cupboard doors
  • Change door handles and knobs
  • Repaint the tiling of the splashback
  • Glue an adhesive splashback



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