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10 Tips to Prepare for the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

The certification focuses on hands-on training and real-world skills. The CEH certification holds excellent value as it can help professionals progress rapidly by securing promotions and better jobs.

The certified ethical hacker certification is one of the most coveted certificates for IT professionals trying to build a career in cybersecurity.

However, the exam is challenging in nature, and you might find it a little hard to pass if you do not have adequate preparation.

How to prepare for Certified Ethical Hacker Certification exam?

Preparing for the CEH exam can be a little tricky due to its difficulty. However, the EC Council has formulated an exam so that the certification would be a true validation of a professional’s skills. Here are ten great tips that would help you prepare for the exam:

1. Know all the exam details

To prepare effectively for the exam, you must know what to expect. Thus, it is essential to stay aware of every detail, from the exam pattern to the topics covered. Accordingly, you can manage your time better and focus more effort on the most relevant topics. Having a checklist of the topics to cover would also ensure that you would study all the topics properly.

2. Prepare a study plan

For any exam, it is helpful to have a good study plan. Prepare a routine and assign adequate time for each domain. For example, if you plan to attend a seminar, try to study the relevant topics before and after the seminar. This way, you would be able to optimize your time and effort to the fullest. While preparing your study plan, make sure to leave at least a week for revisions.

3. Take practice tests

Try to include practice tests in your preparations as they can be beneficial. A good practice test would help you get an idea of the type of questions to expect during the actual exam. Moreover, practicing would help you complete the exam within the given time limit. Getting a taste of the examination beforehand would also help you feel more confident.

4. Enroll in a training course

You can certainly perform much better in the exam if you undergo training at a reputed institute. So look for a prestigious IT institute that offers this ethical hacker certification training course and get yourself enrolled. The leading institutes offer comprehensive training with plenty of hands-on experience.

5. Gather the learning resources

EC Council offers various free learning resources that you could use while preparing for the exam. Apart from these, you could also look for quality study materials from reliable sources. However, make sure not to study from materials that you receive from unverified sources as they could be misleading.

6. Study in real-world environments

To develop your hacking skills, you would need plenty of practical experience with real-world problems. Create a virtual lab environment at home and practice the relevant hacking techniques. A CEH training program should show you how to create such an environment.

7. Apply for the exam ahead of time

If you have to obtain the cyber security certification within a deadline, make sure to submit for the exam early, as the eligibility process could take some time. In addition, if you do not undergo official training for the certification, you would have to show evidence of at least two years of experience in information security.

8. Join online communities

Look for online CEH forums and communities where you can connect with other professionals who are preparing for the exam or have already passed it. Discussing learning strategies and sharing stories of success and failure can be of great help.

9. Stay relaxed

While this is common advice that you would hear before any major exam, staying relaxed and worry-free does help to perform better. Therefore, once you have undergone adequate training, have taken practice tests, revised all the topics, keep your mind clear; do not panic.

10. Manage your time during the exam

Like any exam, you would not want to leave your certification exam incomplete due to the lack of time. Therefore, manage your time efficiently and ensure that you have enough time for revision once you have finished the exam.

EC-Council-certified IT institutes like Koenig offer various ethical hacking training courses. Getting yourself trained at a good institute would already be a big step forward in preparing for the certification exam. While the preparation may initially seem like a hassle, the certification would be worth the effort.

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