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3 Content Writing Tools to make your Content go Viral in 2021

What’s your master plan while creating high-quality content that is SEO effective, turning a visitor into a customer, and listen to the audience; that does it all? For a content writer, “Content is King”, and he works hard to his heart’s content to publish it on a webpage.

Therefore, effective content writing tools will ease your task and help you identify a targeted audience, editing, proofreading, marketing strategy and talk to your audience.

Let’s look into the content writing tools:

In this era, it is important to update and adapt yourself to content writing tools for WordPress. Follow an automated routine to stay focused and write a social media platform for developing and spreading among targeted audiences. Content writing services love these tools and want to share them with you.

1.KingSumo Headlines:

Do you want to create an awesome headline?

A well-crafted headline grabs the attentiveness of searchers in Search Engine. KingSumo Headlines help you create appealing headlines with high conversational and simple headlines, increasing more clicks and more tariffs.

Setting up the plugin in simple steps:

  1. Download the plugin from your email.
  2. Connect the plugin to Wp-Content – plugins folder
  3. Visit Plugins and tap the Activate KingSumo Headlines
  4. Activate the link and post 2-3 attractive headlines using KingSumo- attach them to your post.
  5. Top headlines will be displayed to searchers.

Here’s an example. How headline excellently transforms your content.


2.Hemingway Editor:

Do you highlight while writing content to catch someone’s eye?

Hemingway Editor is a free editing tool that examines writing for readability.  Readability means how simple or tough the content writing is. It highlights sentences and words which are complicated and wrong grammar.

Find out how to bellow!


Hemingway Online Editor uses different colors to highlight five elements that affect the readability of the content. They are as follows:

  1. Adverbs in sentences are obligatory but never overuse them.
  2. Strong, active voice sentences are more convincing.
  3. Simple vocabulary with simple idioms or phrases.
  4. Unnecessary long and unclear sentences; edit them.
  5. Lines which baffle readers mind; edit them.

3. Piktochart:

Want to start your content writing with a pretty template?

Piktochart helps you to initiate visual communication with your readers with interesting infographics, stunning reports, graphics images, templates, and vibrant print colors. From here, the real fun starts. Now add your content!

Choose a template that matches the tone, color, brightness, saturation, and contrast of your content marketing strategy ­-post your content with confidence.

Here’s what you can find from Piktochart- variety and unique templates!


Create top-notch quality infographics that share information, and look fascinating to the readers that it generates inbound links. Use Piktochart to edit the text, fonts, and style of your content.


Start writing! Hopefully, these content writing tools will help you to rise and make more profits. 

To develop, you need to analyze and study your market, which will help you to raise traffic to your website. Always try to prioritize SEO for content writing; it will help you to progress.   If you are aching for success, focus on content quality, content writing tools, and strategies.

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