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4 Interesting Facts About Nepal That You Must Know Before Visiting Nepal

Nepal is one of the most fascinating places on earth between China and India. This is not only beautiful but also very peaceful that attracts a large crowd to itself. This place attracts the youngsters for trekking, the group of friends and newly married as well. Its local culture and local people are sweet that greet their visitors in a very commendable way.

Before you step on the street of Kathmandu, you must be aware of certain things that could help you to get a better experience while you planning the trekking in Nepal.

Way To Treat The Locals:

Whenever you visit some country you must always check how to greet the locals of that area. This will surely help you to treat them and efficiently communicate with them. The traditional way to do the same is by placing the palms together in a prayer style and saying “Namaste”. This is the simplest and best way to start the conversation with anyone in the area whether he or she is older or younger than you.

You Can Experience The Best Track:

If you want to experience the best tracks and want to do lots of adventure in your life then you must surely visit Nepal. Check out the trekking packages in Nepal and experience a huge variety of outdoor adventures. A lot of outdoor adventures like Bhote Koshi and Trishuli, cannoning, rock climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, and paragliding you can experience here. Are you very brave? If you are then you can experience the second-highest bungee jump in the world.

You, Will, Get Yummy Food to Eat

Whenever we plan a trip to any place, getting a portion of good and yummy food is a way to challenge. But don’t worry Nepali food is fabulous and delicious that will surely calm down your appetite. Here you will get the traditional as well as international food that will satisfy all your hunger feelings. If you are looking to have the traditional food then must try the “Dal Bhat”. This is local food that is prepared from rice and lentils. Their traditional food is quite spicy, but you can order as per yourself.

Experience the Everest Mountain Flight Tours

Among all the South Asia countries, Nepal is the incredible one that must be visited. You can take the flights of 7 to 9 hours from Kathmandu and could reach the beautiful place where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. From amazing territory that essentially asks to be investigated to agreeable, bright local people who are anxious to impart their way of life and customs to guests, an outing to this colourful land makes certain to allure, invigorate and motivate even the most courageous voyager


Well from all the guidelines we have provided you, you must have planned the holiday here. Check out the trekking packages in Nepal with Dookma. Here you will get the most amazing and best deal at the best price. Visit the website and what all is waiting for you.

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