5 UV Protection Glasses to Soothe Your Eyes

The protection that we get from a good pair of UV protection glasses can be considered as effective and as important as wearing sunscreen or carrying an umbrella. Even if it’s in the peak of summer or an overcast day, UV rays manage to find their way to your eyes and your skin to cause detrimental damage that only manifests gradually in the long run. From blindness, macular degeneration, or early onset cataracts, many eye conditions can be avoided if we can take better care of our eyes and protect them from prolonged sun exposure.

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One of the main things to keep in mind while shopping for sunglasses is if they offer 100% UV protection from the sun. UV protection glasses offer complete filtering of the radiation that may reach our eyes as soon as we step outside. Hence, we should always take time and read through product features and the make before making our purchase. Therefore, if you are looking for UV protection glasses to soothe your eyes in the sun, here are some options you can choose from.

The Vagabond Wayfarers


Your search for a pair of UV protection glasses can end within seconds as soon as you make your way to these iconic brown wayfarers. Sun damage is the last of your worries if you don these UV glasses due to how well they are designed to hold the radiation at bay. One of the main things that you can stay assured of with these UV protected glasses, is that they can complement all your looks due to their versatile hue and silhouette. Therefore, these UV protection glasses are a great investment for all your needs.


Sporty and Spirited


Black wraparounds are one of the prime examples of eyewear that was born out of situational necessity but became an iconic design that returns to the trends every year. These UV protection glasses are usually worn by athletes and sportsmen and sportswomen who spend hours under the gruelling sun. Since their field of vision also needs to be clear and comfortable, these snug-fit UV protected sunglasses are a very important accessory to their performance on particularly sunny days. You can also add these UV glasses to your collection if you have an active lifestyle and are more outdoorsy than the average person.


The Vintage Chic


Movies and tv shows have epitomised the ‘gangster chic’ aesthetic which celebrates a rugged, sepia-toned, and vintage feel to all your looks. That is why the bold brow lines and golden frames have made a return to fashion spreads and fashion collections in recent years. These UV protection glasses are a great accessory which has the capability to transform your look within seconds while keeping your eyes completely shielded from the sun due to the large and tinted lenses.


Big and Bold


Large lenses are a must-have for 100% UV protection, which is why this pair of brown bugeyes is a must-have for your collection. These UV protection glasses have an aesthetic that borrows from the tortoise-shell shell design of the 60s, with a modern touch. Since bugeye sunglasses have made their return due to their effective protective capabilities, they make for a reliable pair of UV glasses that are your outdoor essentials whenever you step out.


Gilded in Gold


It is a given that most modern designs offer an ingenious combination of one or more features that can offer complete protection from the sun. These gold round-rimmed UV protection glasses are the same, as they cover your entire line of sight and keep your eyes comfortable throughout the seasons. These UV glasses are a great addition to your eyewear collection as they also have mirrored or reflective lenses that minimise glares. Therefore, the luxurious feel of these golden UV protection glasses is one that belongs on your look for all your days out in the sun.

UV protected glasses are a must-have lifestyle essential for every person’s wardrobe if they want to protect their eyes from long-term sun damage. Brands like Titan Eyeplus host great curated collections of UV protection sunglasses that can become the perfect accessory for all your seasons, at great prices.

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