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5 Varieties Of Indoor Plants That Are More Than Just Home Decors

Growing plants indoors has never been a rare spectacle. It has been taken up as a hobby by a lot of people. The sheer happiness of nurturing a plant, watching it grow, bloom, and bear fruits is almost as fulfilling as watching a child grow and develop. Plants, though not treated on par with pets, are as good as companions. How many research papers are being published every day about how responsive plants can be to human emotions and presence?  

In recent times, online shopping for indoor plants has gone up considerably. 


These tiny well-groomed little fellows make us swell with pride because they are attractive home decors. But what many people do not consider is that bonsai care is a delicate art. So these little plants go way more than being mere home decors for enthusiasts who have dedicated and persevered in the field. A common delusion is that bonsais are all indoor plants. This is false as they are like any other plants that require the elements of nature to grow. 

Air Purifying 

With an increasing number of people staying indoors most of the time, credits to the pandemic, a growing need to consider pure air in living spaces can be seen. Is there a better option for this than an air-purifying indoor plant? These plants, though small, aid in the removal of pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene, which are most common indoors. Philodendron, Peace Lily, Boston ferns, and Areca Palms are the most common plants that help better the air quality in living spaces.

Money Plants

For anyone who believes in Feng Shui and Vastu, growing money plants indoors is probably the first step to establishing belief. Typically believed to help reduce stress and infuse positive energy, the availability of and demand for money plants online indicates the fad they have become among people. Golden Money Plant, Split Leaf Money Plant, Jade Plant, and Silver Money Plant are a few types of money plants typically grown indoors with a staunch belief in their properties to accentuate positivity.


A peculiar attraction towards cacti plants is being observed in the indoor plant market. Low maintenance, compact and atypical cacti plants live for years if taken good care of. Some cacti plants even bloom indoors with very little water required to nurture them. Apart from this, cacti plants also purify the air, calm us down and reduce stress levels. Saguaro Cactus, African Milk Tree, Rat Tail Cactus, and Angel Wing Cactus are the most common cacti grown indoors. 

Living Stone Plants

African in origin, these are also called ‘Pebble Plants’ because they look like pebbles lying closely attached to the soil. They seem dormant and lifeless but are alive plants. Their roots lie beneath the soil and run for a long. Collecting and preserving have been taken up as a hobby by many, and they are considered exotic. Lithops lesliei, Lithops marmorata, and Lithops julii are few varieties of living stone plants.

Any plant grown indoors is a plant nevertheless. It is always advisable that one looks for the best lit spots inside the house and accesses the time that can be allotted to nurture the plants because, just like outdoor plants, these indoor friends need light, air, and water as well. The growing online indoor plants market suggests good results in the area.

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