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7 Affordable and Top-rated University in Canada for Students 2021

It is an undeniable fact that joining international universities for higher studies gives a boost to someone’s career. It brings so many fascinating monetary and non-monetary rewards. This is the particular reason why the trend of studying abroad is escalating day by day, and you would be astonished to know Canada is the top favorite choice for International students. Globally ranked at 4th number, Canadian universities offer various Postgraduate and undergraduate courses, interactive study culture, research programs along part-time and full-time job opportunities. One of the noble advantage of selecting a Canadian university is its affordability. Education in Canadian universities is fairly cheaper than the other countries, and return on investment is higher as it captivates wonderful job opportunities.

We guide you to stick with this blog as it will share the top 5 best Universities in Canada accompanying its tuition fee depending upon their masters or bachelor courses. As an international student, your overall financial expenditure also consists of accommodation, food, and other expenses. So, here you will get deep knowledge over the same. If you look for consultation in person Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar are there to guide you systematically. 

List of Best Affordable Universities in Canada for International Students in 2021

Are you looking for an economical Canadian university for an undergraduate course? If yes, then you need to look at the below table showing the university along with an estimated tuition fee and location.

Cheapest universities in Canada for Undergraduate Degrees


University Location Estimated tuition fees (CAD)
Brandon University Brandon, Manitoba 13,000
Laval University Quebec City, Quebec 17,000
Universite de Saint-Boniface Winnipeg, Manitoba 22,400
University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 16,500
University of Regina Regina, Saskatchewan 20,900
University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario 36,900
Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia 27,900

Cheapest universities in Canada for Post-Graduate Courses


University Location Estimated Tuition Fees 
University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia 8,400
University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta 17,600
University of Quebec Montreal, Quebec 3,400
McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario 10,700
University of Northern British Columbia Prince George, British Columbia $3,297
Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia 18,100
Memorial University of Newfoundland St.Johns, Newfoundland $3,222

Hence, these are the list of top 7 best affordable universities in Canada for international students seeking graduate or PG courses and to enroll in these universities you need to fulfill the determined eligibility criteria. You can visit their official websites and check the relevant details. An international students has to meet the various requirements to study abroad, therefore, we urge you to ask the Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar and get sound guidance. 

Cost of living in Canada 

The cost of living and accommodation in Canada is slightly less as compared to other countries. An entire living cost varies depending on the physical location of the University or an institute. Along with the determined tuition fees, international students need an additional $10,000 to sustain themselves in Canada. We have distributed the overall cost of students in the following category. Look at the below content which would assist you to anticipate the entire amount before landing in Canada. 

  • Housing Expenses in Canada  

Housing expenses or accommodation charges in Canada for international students depend upon the type of accommodation chosen by students. There are several rental accommodation options available for international students such as apartments, basements, or condominiums. If you love your privacy and finance is no concern for you then you can go for a private housing option. On the other hand, you can take the shared apartment or house which is an ideal alternative to save the accommodation cost. The university also offers on-campus housing to international students, and it is more secure and reliable. You can look for the Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar and ask from them related to the on-campus accommodation facilities in Canada.  

  • Food and Shopping Cost in Canada 

The food and shopping expenses come next to the accommodation charges in Canada. It is based on your living standard and food habits. An average food and dining expenses per student is $1500- $3000 per annum. An estimated amount of Canadian restaurants is 10-25 CAD per meal, but, it depends upon the choice of restaurant you are serving in. 

  • Travel cost in Canada 

Travel costs or transportation charges in Canada vary depending upon the student’s residing location. After moving to Canada, you have to come to different campus to attend your classes. Apart from this, you may need to travel across the country for various purposes such as for shopping, food, study tours or for hanging out with your friends. You have a choice to take your own bike or cycle but, if you don’t have your own vehicle then you can hire a cab or get a taxi which is the most common transportable option in Canada. The fare of taxis and cabs is 2-6 CAD/km. You can also avail of a monthly pass which costs up to 90 CAD. 

Hence, these are the basic expenses every international student has to spend at the time of studying in Canada. It doesn’t include the cost which you need while applying for the study visa. If you want to get the details related to the student visa cost in Canada, consult with the Immigration consultants in Jalandhar.


Apart from the above-stated expenses, you need basic utility expenses including heat, water, electricity, etc which may cost 150 CAD per month. For an internet connection, you have to spend 50 to 70 CAD per month so be ready to get an affordable education at Canada’s top renowned university and attract the best paying jobs

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