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7 Reasons You Should Enroll In Yoga Nidra Training

Do you find it hard to sleep peacefully at night? Has stress become a part of your everyday life? You should make yoga a part of your everyday schedule. Have you heard about yoga nidra training? For starters, Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep is a form of meditation that you learn under the guidance of certified yoga teachers.

For you to go deeper into Yoga Nidra, you must learn it under the tutelage of a certified yoga teacher. The best part of taking yoga nidra classes is it gives you a chance to unlock the subconscious mind. You experience brain wave patterns similar to those formed during deep sleep or in a dream state.

Keeping the above statement in mind, let us understand what you experience during Yoga Nidra.

What Would I Experience During Yoga Nidra Session?

Advanced Yoga practitioners describe Yoga Nidra as an experience and not just a practice. It is the best yoga technique to turn your attention inwards. Yoga Nidra brings the conscious and unconscious aspects of your being together which helps you fall into a deep sleep of restfulness.

Yogic Sleep helps you experience a deeper state of learning of all yoga teachings. For example, you feel more at ease with the universe and become aware of your true self. You can get over past traumas and awaken your hidden self. In other words, Yoga Nidra frees your mind and heart from all the negativity without causing overwhelming physical stress.

Yoga experts recommend you should enroll in yoga nidra training in India to experience true inner peace and bliss. It is the ultimate solution for you to realize the hidden self.

Need we say more? Yoga Nidra offers you tons of health benefits. Pay attention to the information below to know what these are.

7 Benefits Of Yoga Nidra Training

Besides helping you enter into a relaxed and blissful state, Yoga Nidra offers numerous other benefits.

Keeping the above statement in mind, given below are seven benefits of enrolling in a Yoga Nidra training.

1. Generates Delta & Theta Waves

The primary benefit of yoga nidra training is it helps you enter into a deep state of rest while keeping your mind conscious. This is possible as your mind generates delta and theta waves. These waves bring you into a state of deep relaxation while remaining awake at the same time.

Theta waves produced during Yoga Nidra provide your mind with inspiration and a healthy dose of spirituality. On the other hand, Delta waves are those you experience during dreamless sleep.

2. Minimizes Stress

Numerous scientific researches have proven that Yoga Nidra does a lot when it comes to helping you experience less stress and anxiety. It does that by promoting a deeper state of sleep relaxation and calms down your nervous system which minimizes stress.

3. Reduces PMS Symptoms

Women experiencing menstrual problems due to some physical health issues can practice Yoga Nidra. Numerous studies have proven the positive impact of yogic sleep on this issue. Daily practice of yogic sleep helps women get rid of anxiety, stress, and hormonal imbalances before and after their menstrual cycle. You should enroll in yoga nidra training in India to learn this yogic technique.

4. Minimizes Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

Yoga Nidra is highly beneficial when it comes to controlling the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes. It does that by controlling blood glucose levels, lowering blood pressure, and cholesterol. This helps in getting rid of glucose irregularity, which reduces the symptoms of diabetes.

5. Heals Trauma 

The best thing yoga nidra training does is bring you face-to-face with negative emotions and feelings that are deeply rooted inside your mind. These negative feelings wreak havoc on your physical health. Yoga Nidra helps you deal with trauma and find the strength to recover from it.

6. Gets Rid Of Chronic Pain

Do you know that yoga nidra is used as an effective meditation against chronic pain? Yoga Nidra gives enough time to your body to rest and recover from this pain. It deals with chronic pain by minimizing inflammation and bringing an overall improvement in the functioning of your body’s immune system.

7. Reduces Insomnia

Although yoga nidra is not an alternative to regular sleep, however 45 minutes of yoga nidra training feels similar to 3 hours of deep sleep. Yoga Nidra helps you rest and deal with numerous psychological problems that impact your sleeping pattern.

The reason being Yoga Nidra activates the relaxation response system in your body. It also improves the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems.


Do you feel restless at night? Enroll in yoga nidra training in India and let deep sleep become the new norm of your life.

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