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8 Myths You Should Stop Believing About Yoga – Yoga Alliance Certification

Yoga Alliance Certification – Yoga is an ancient art that took birth in the holy land of India more than 5000 years ago. For centuries, yoga has helped millions of spiritual seekers connect with the divine source of life. Moreover, this ancient art grabbed the attention of western yogis which transitioned it into a global phenomenon. The reason why you should invest in a Yoga Alliance certification is the numerous health benefits that yoga offers.

Unfortunately, countless problems come with so much popularity . With yoga, problems come in the form of misconceptions and myths surrounding its practice. Luckily, yoga experts from around the world have come up with a list of myths to separate fact from fiction.

8 Myths To Stop Believing About Yoga

As stated above, the more popularity yoga gained, the more the number of myths about it.

With that said, given below are eight myths which you should stop believing about yoga.

1. Flexibility Is Paramount

Do you think the yoga guru who teaches yoga at the studio was born flexible as a rubber band? Although, there are exceptions but you do not need to be highly flexible to start a yoga class. With time and under the guidance of a certified teacher, you will be able to do challenging yoga poses with ease.

Instead of taking flexibility as the benchmark of yoga practice, you should kick start a yoga practice to develop flexibility in the long run.

2. Yoga Is A Religion

Although yoga does have its roots in Hinduism as it was found in India, that does not means it is tied to a particular religion. Yoga does not promote any religious practices. The only reason behind chanting mantras during a yoga session is to improve your focus and awaken the inner self. You should look for the best yoga schools in India to learn everything about this sacred art.

3. Every Yoga Pose Is The Same

Nothing could be farther from the truth especially this one statement. Numerous yoga poses help you achieve different results depending on your level of practice. You can practice a variety of yoga poses ranging from stress-reducing to spiritual.

For example, the Cobra Pose helps you get rid of belly fat, whereas the Hero Pose helps you sleep peacefully at night. In other words, there is no dearth of yoga poses each with its individual benefits.

4. Yoga Is Tough

How can you know that something is difficult or easy without even giving it a fair try? Although there is no denying that yoga does have its share of challenging poses, you can always start with the easy ones. Moreover, enrolling in the best yoga schools in India makes it easier for you to practice challenging yoga poses under the watchful eye of certified yoga instructors.

5. Yoga Is Only For Thin People

This idea of yoga is only for the slim and trim came from numerous Instagram and Facebook images. It gives a misleading idea to you that only thin people with washboard abs can or should do yoga. The truth is that yoga is for everyone despite their level of fitness, body type, age, or sex.

6. Yoga Practice Needs A Studio

Yes! This is true that you need a certified yoga instructor for learning and practicing yoga. However, once you are done with the training and mentally prepared to do yoga, you can practice yoga independently, anytime, and anywhere. You should do the Yoga Alliance certification to know everything about this sacred art.

7. No Time For Yoga

An age-old saying – Health Is Wealth suits aptly in today’s scenario where everyone is so busy, they are ignoring the most important aspect of their life, good health. With yoga, you do not need to commit to an hour-long session. A few minutes of yoga practice every day yields great results for you.

8. Yoga Is For Women

The longest misconception doing the rounds with regards to yoga is that it is only for women. The very origin of this ancient art came from a sage named Patanjali, a man. Joining the best yoga schools in India would bring you face to face with a female as well as male yoga practitioners.


Do you want to enjoy good mental and physical health? Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification to learn and practice the powerful art of yoga and enjoy a good life.

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