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9 tips for traveling to Marrakech

Beware of guides who are not guides

This is not really a danger as such, but it is the most common scam, we also fell for it in Marrakech.

in Marrakech, it is usually always the same way of acting. A nice and pleasant boy approaches you and asks you where you are from, etc., to gain your trust. And he tells you that he is going to take you to a cousin’s store that sells X, in our case they were spices. Another variant is that it will show you a certain place in the city.

If he takes you to his cousin’s store, you are going to leave with a lot of purchases and a significant amount of money spent. It’s when you don’t want to buy that they get more aggressive, etc. But do not worry, they will not attack you, but you will end up buying 99.9%.

On the other hand, if he acts as a guide, once the visit is over, he will ask you for a tip, and I assure you that he will not be satisfied with a little, but rather a lot. And again, he will get aggressive, but again, he will not attack you.

The art of haggling in Marrakech

Haggling and Marrakech is like going to Dublin and not tasting a Guinness. So, almost every step you take in Marrakech, you are going to have to haggle.

Going to the souk can be your master’s degree in bargaining. Go with patience and a smile. There is no rush and get the right price to pay for what you want. And when I say fair price, it means that you don’t take advantage either, since the vast majority of the things that are sold there are artisans, and those artisans deserve a decent salary.

Gastronomy in Marrakech, typical dishes

For us, food is usually an important complement to the trips we make. We love to eat different things, which our palate is not used to. And Marrakech is one of those destinations where the palate enjoys a lot.

The most typical dishes that you should not miss are couscous, tajine, pastilla (sweet almonds, sugar, cinnamon and chicken), koftas (a kind of spiced meatballs), or harira soup (meat, tomato and lentils) very typical during Ramadan.

And of course, the sweets are dozens and are delicious.

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Traveler’s diarrhea in Marrakech

Something that characterizes Marrakech is the ease with which many travelers who arrive in the city suffer from what is known as traveler’s diarrhea in different intensities.

To avoid going through this situation, which can be quite unpleasant / serious and can greatly affect your trip, you have to take into account several tips.

Do not drink tap water, as long as it is bottled. Also, do not drink juices / juices that have ice, since you do not know if that ice has been made with bottled water or not. Ice is usually made from contaminated water.

Don’t eat raw food. I have to say that I didn’t try a single salad, I don’t know if I got too obsessed with this, but the truth is that I didn’t suffer from traveler’s diarrhea.

Forget eating raw meat, although I don’t think you will find it in Marrakech or Morocco. And don’t eat seafood either.

Always eat cooked food and water or other bottled beverages. And of course, wash your hands often, and always before eating.

Is it expensive to travel to Marrakech?

The truth is that traveling to Marrakech is not expensive. If you do it from Spain, there are several companies that operate flights to Marrakech, even some low-cost.

But also, eating, sleeping and any of the usual expenses are well priced. It is true that, as in all places, you can find luxury and expensive accommodation, or expensive restaurants (tourist ones are usually more expensive), but also at a better price.

It can be said that Marrakech is a place with prices for all budgets.

Rent a car in Marrakech

One of the options that exist to visit not only Marrakech, but to go to other places such as Essaouira, or go down to Merzouga to enjoy the Sahara desert , or do the Kashbahs Route , is to rent a car.

We hired an luxury car marrakech from the Riad where we stayed, but I already told you that it is something that people do, rent a car.

Accommodation in Marrakech

Riads are the traditional accommodations of Marrakech, and you cannot enjoy this city to the fullest without staying in one of the many riads that exist throughout Marrakech.

The riads have a terrace on the highest part of the building with incredible views of all the minarets and at night, you can enjoy the lights that illuminate the city.

We stayed at the Riad Dar Nakhla .

We really liked the atmosphere, and what we liked the most was the terrace. It has one in the highest part with very good views of the city, both day and night. The people in charge of the reception are very helpful and quite friendly. It is very worth it, we would repeat.

You can see prices, photos and availability in the following link Riad Dar Nakhla .

What to see in Marrakech

At this point, you may want to have more information about the places and plans you can do in Marrakech. Well, we will tell you about it in this article, Essential places to see in Marrakech .

Excursions from Marrakech

There are many places that you can visit from Marrakech. The coastal city of Essaouira , the Route of the Kasbahs in Ouarzazate or sleep in the Sahara desert .

We will tell you in this article which are the essential excursions from Marrakech , so that you can choose the ones that you like the most.

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