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We live in the age of electronics. Even traditional day to day use products are now available in a new and smarter version that is, it’s electronic version. One such product is a smart notebook.

What is a Smart Notebook?

It’s a notebook but not any usual one, instead it is a notebook with a digital touch to it. It isn’t the usual ethnic notebook but a digital smart notebook. A smart notebook is a hybrid product. A smart notebook is part digital as well as part analog. It is also popularly known as digital notepad as well as e-notebook. The product is best suited to the people who prefer to use the old fashioned way of writing as well as making notes using pen and paper. People of any age group can very easily operate it without any difficulty. 

A delightful mix of old and new

There are still a lot of people who like to write, scribble, note as well as doodle in the old traditional way using pen and paper. But let’s be honest, it isn’t possible as well as not at all handy to carry pen and paper everywhere. Neither is it possible to take pen and paper out and start writing it anywhere. Thus, here’s exactly where technology comes into the play. In comparison to the old fashioned as well as the traditional way, a smart notebook is highly handy and increases the productivity rate at a considerable pace. It not only provides the same feeling  of writing with a pen but is also extremely easy to use.

There is a different kind of feeling in writing with a pen and paper, a bit nostalgic, a feeling which cant be replaced. It’s like it provides and delivers the flow of creativity, new concepts as well as new ideas while penning things down. Such creative as well as new concepts and ideas cannot be formed by just simply typing or by recording. A smart notebook not only just brings this feeling out but it also enhances the experience and takes it to another level altogether.

It is probably one of the best examples of using the old traditional way with a touch of modernisation. It truly bridges the gap between old and new.In my opinion it’s indeed a very innovative as well as highly useful tool. In the current world where people prefer typing over penning things down, the product seems to be quite promising and aims at bringing the habit of writing back. Perhaps we need an electronic product altogether to get back to the old golden way of writing stuff down. And ofcourse,it seems like the smart notebook has marked an end to this search for sure. It has kept the essence of writing and the wonderful feeling of penning things down alive.

One for every need

The smart notebooks come in a variety of sizes, technologies as well as specifications. Thus, there is something for everyone and for every need. Hence it is bound to be a perfect one for everybody.They come in a variety of ranges starting from as low as Rs.1000. Many smart notebooks also sync up with mobile apps on  tablet and phone. Some companies even make them customized. All in all it is a great mix of the old and new and it does the job quite efficiently. They are quite handy and easy to use. I’m pretty sure they will be of great help for those who are interested.

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