A Detailed Overview of Bigtime Project Management Software

To get a better understanding of BigTime software reviews as a billing and time tracking software, we’ll look at the features that each of these software offers.

Features of BigTime time tracking

When evaluating the time tracking software market, the BigTime time entry system is a clear choice. Its user-friendly interface and advanced reporting and analytics features help companies bill faster and realize more revenue. Its BigTime Wallet helps manage payments from anywhere and empowers teams with insights to improve business practices. With BigTime’s customizable dashboards and configurable reports, you can track project performance and make better decisions with your team.

Robust Solution

This software is a robust solution for project management, with flexible billing rates and customizable invoice templates. It also provides a way to bill for both time and material, and it allows you to set up multiple fixed fees for projects at different milestones. Moreover, it supports exporting of data to Excel, Word, and PDF. You can also use BigTime’s mobile app and offline functionality, which makes it convenient to use the time tracking software while on the go.

Different Pricing Plans of Bigtime

Users can choose from three different paid plans. The basic BigTime Express plan is $10 per user/month on an annual basis and has unlimited timers. Other features include mobile access with auto-sync, QuickBooks Online/Desktop integration, project management tools, and a dashboard. Users can also download the BigTime time tracking software for Mac and Windows computers and iOS devices. The program has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.

Time Tracking Software

The time tracking software offers project management features for professional service firms with five-to-250 employees. BigTime also helps businesses scale their business by managing remote work, tracking operational metrics, and identifying areas for growth. Its advanced features, including resource allocation, custom reporting, and a client portal, help businesses scale efficiently. With BigTime’s client portal and integrated time and billing software, you can automate your business processes and receive more payments faster.

BigTime tracking software has an impressive list of integrated business tools to manage your resources and clients. It is particularly helpful for professional service firms. Its integration with QuickBooks allows BigTime to inherit Quickbooks expense and labor codes. Furthermore, BigTime and QuickBooks sync data seamlessly. You can even import imported Quickbooks codes to BigTime, and automatically link them with their respective QuickBooks accounts. You can then manage multiple employees and project information in BigTime’s online portal, which will allow you to manage multiple users and clients.

BigTime’s tracking system also includes an intuitive data entry process for fast time logging and consolidating billable hours. BigTime also allows for offline usage, meaning it will continue to function and update its cloud-based database as soon as you connect to the internet. Its integrated expense tracking system is another great feature, tying expenses to internal project records and billable customer projects. This feature makes the entire process of tracking expenses and preparing billings a lot easier. With BigTime, you can even define a base rate and set flexible invoicing options.

Features of BigTime billing

When it comes to invoicing and billing, there are a few features that stand out above the rest. One of these features is BigTime analytics, which automatically generates a report on how well projects are progressing. This is important for project managers and team leaders who want to keep a pulse on projects’ progress. This feature also allows them to track the time and effort spent on specific projects and optimize efficiency by pointing out areas where they need to improve.

Its billing software enables you to customize your invoices and manage your processes offline. You can even use BigTime’s mobile app to record and capture receipts, which is DCAA-compliant. The app also allows you to export invoices into Word, Excel, and PDF formats. It also has native mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring that your staff can access client and project information from anywhere. And because it’s a cloud-based application, it’s compatible with mobile devices.

Development of Bigtime

BigTime was developed in 2002 and is used by top services worldwide. It is designed to empower professionals and make their work easier to manage. BigTime accounting software offers several paid plans to suit a variety of needs. The BigTime Express plan costs $10 per user monthly on an annual basis and includes unlimited timers, mobile access with auto-sync, and QuickBooks Online and desktop integration. If you’re a small business, a Pro plan is available for an additional fee and offers all the features of BigTime billing plus more.

As an all-in-one solution, BigTime helps you manage your time, expenses, and billing operations. BigTime is perfect for professional firms as it helps professionals manage their workload efficiently and track work-in-progress and client engagement activities. With BigTime, you can manage your work-in-progress and manage your projects through workflows and real-time dashboards. The best part? You can customize it to suit your business needs.

Cost of BigTime software

The cost of this software varies widely depending on the edition. It is available in 4 pricing editions, ranging from $10 to $40. The software comes with a free trial period. To determine which edition is best for your business, read through BigTime reviews and product information. To help you determine the price, consider what features are important to you. Here are some of the most important features of BigTime software. It helps you track customer engagements, budgets, utilization, and realization.

This software allows users to manage projects across teams. It features independent customization, which means you can create activities based on the requirements of a given project. You can apply hourly pay, fees, and expenditure budgets to projects using Bigtime. Bigtime software also features a Gantt chart and project staffing tools. It helps you manage large amounts of data, including client lists, projects, and resources. However, It also includes the ability to collaborate and plan ahead.

Billing & invoicing Feature

It offers time and billing features that make it ideal for professional services. Its integrated features help users manage client data, track time, track billing, and manage WIP and workflows. Its data analytics help you reduce the uncertainty associated with project consumption. You can assign tasks and track progress from anywhere with your mobile device. This software is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Its cost is low enough that it will be a worthwhile investment for your business.

Billing and invoicing remain important business processes, and BigTime software can help streamline them. Billing and invoicing are often tedious and ineffective, so the software will help make the process easier. Moreover, BigTime integrates with Quickbooks. Its developers are Intuit OEM developers, so your business will not be left out if you want to work anywhere. BigTime offers a mobile app for you to document information on the go.


BigTime offers three different paid editions. Therefore, the BigTime Express plan costs $10 per month for up to five users and offers basic features such as time-tracking, unlimited timelines, and integration with QuickBooks Desktop and Online. The BigTime Pro plan costs $30 per user monthly and includes budgeting, expense tracking, and unlimited user-defined invoice types. Therefore, This plan is designed for medium-sized companies. If you need more advanced features, it is recommended to purchase the BigTime Pro plan.


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