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Abilities of Egg Donors for Surrogacy

The egg donors should have some abilities to donate eggs for surrogacy. If you are planning to become an egg donor for intended parents, there are some basic requirements that doctors look for. Not all women can become egg donors for surrogacy if they wish as it demands medical and reproductive physical abilities along with age range.

Age Limit is an Ability of Egg Donors for Surrogacy

The first requirement for you as an aging donor is your age. In order to become an egg donor, you must be aged between 18 and 32. It is ability. During this age, the female body remains in the best condition to produce and donate eggs that can help intended parents to build their families through the process of surrogacy.

Body Mass Index of Egg Donors

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should be perfect. You can easily work for that using the height and weight of your body. Body Mass Index Calculators are available online. In order to become an able egg donor, your Body Mass Index must be 29 or less. An egg donor with that BMI is a potential asset for the egg donation cycle that is promising for a successful surrogacy.

Young Egg Donors Enjoy More Opportunities Because of Their Increased Abilities

The young women who go to donate eggs (donare gli ovuli) enjoy an outstanding opportunity. The fertility clinics let the young egg donors go through their screening process. Fertility specialists will conduct gynecological examinations on them. This is such an opportunity that they would not have normally if they were not women of young age. This evaluation will confirm them from a reproductive perspective about where they are trying to start their career as egg donors. They will also get valuable information from the reports of scans and blood tests that the fertility clinics will run. After that, the fertility specialists will also consult with those ladies at the early stage of their life with proper advice that will help them to boost up their immense career as egg donors that will greatly help many would-be couples on the way to their surrogacy journey.

Necessities of Abilities in Egg Donors for Surrogacy

Intended parents who need egg donors would end up in need of eggs if the egg donors did not have the necessary abilities to reproduce and donate eggs. While the female counterparts of intended parents do not have the reproductive quality in their eggs, they are badly in need of the women who have the abilities of egg donors to have children through the process of surrogacy.

Abilities Tested through Screening for Inherited Diseases

The fertility specialists will test your abilities as an egg donor through screening for inherited diseases. They will collect information from you or work with you to identify any birth defects that required surgery or resulted in medical problems such as a cleft lip, spina bifida, or a heart defect, certain genetic disorders such as Huntington’s disease, hemophilia, Tay Sachs, disease, or sickle cell anemia, inherited diseases that are of special interests to a recipient because of her own family history, any major medical problems, surgeries, mental retardation, or psychiatric problems.

Many intended parents find it difficult to have children because of the lack of eggs or egg donors. Egg donation has allowed some women whose ovaries do not produce healthy eggs due to whatever reasons, to help surrogate mothers pregnant by donated eggs. You may read an ad or one of your relatives or friends may ask you to consider the idea of becoming an egg donor. Then if you are going to take the decision of becoming an egg donor for surrogacy, the above article is going to help you with unbiased information.

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