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Android App Development Cost

Android App Development Cost

In this new era of technology, people depend on mobile phones to make life easier. Every mobile has some native apps. Android apps are the most popular among all classes of people as everybody can’t afford an iPhone so android phones get popular. Android App development brings a great opportunity for business holders. It is the easiest way to reach the customer and bring traffic by attracting them. 

What is Android App Development?

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Android app development is the process of creating and developing software that runs on android devices. Its programming languages are Java and XML. It comes with advanced technology and provides you full dedication with high security. Also, it provides AID documents. This development is an open-source development which means it has full freedom to perform on different platforms. It is a customizable development that is cheap in rate. 

Why is an Android App Important to Your Business? 

  • Creates Better Relationship With Customer
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Target Multiple Platform
  • Customization

Programming Language of Android App Development:

Programming language is the instruction that is used to create a software program. It is a collection of data that is educated by a computer to perform specific tasks. Android app development is written in Java.


Java is one of the oldest languages which is still in demand. It is a widely used language that has a great impact nowadays. It is an open-source language with great maintenance. People like it because of its strong memory management, multiple domains, and open-source library. 

Android App Development Framework:

Android app development is the best framework depends to 


React Native framework is an open-source framework of mobile app development. This framework was invented by Facebook, and built for android app apps. It is based on JavaScript which creates native apps. It has a single code base.

Ionic Framework:

Ionic is an open-source cross-platform framework that is built for the android platform. It offers a number of default UI components. Ionic encourages building applications not to work on UI components. 


jQuery is a touch-based mobile app development framework. It allows code less and builds more. It is ready to use in the javascript library which has various plugins. jQuery offers customized themes. 


It is an open-source framework that has the freedom to run on different devices. Xamarin builds native apps for android. As it has all the needed tools for building a native app. It has support for sharing codebase which makes it more effective.

Top Android Developer Company

Android App Development Costs depends On:

  • App Size
  • App Feature
  • Number of Screen and App Design
  • App Category
  • Location

App Size:

Costs depend on app sixes, you can get the app as your required size. There are three sizes of apps. Like small, medium, and enterprise

  • The small app has 5 key features which cost $4k-$10k. It takes 400 hours 
  • Medium apps have 10 key feature pages that take time of up to 400 hours and cost $10-$50k
  • Enterprise has 18 key feature pages and takes 400 hours up to which costs more than $50k. 

App Feature:

Android app cost depends on how many features you want so first you have to decide on this one. After that, another cost depends on the complexity of the feature. Such as basic app switch one platform, a basic app with multi-platform, complex app

  • The basic app has one platform which costs $60k. As an example- camera, calculator
  • Basic apps that have multi-platform costs $60k-$150k. 
  • Complex apps cost $300000. Uber is the ideal example of it. 

App Category:

App category has an important role in android app development. Different app categories have different prices. Some apps we use for daily life activities where some are used as luxury means sometimes. Some need high coding. Here comes the difference in prices. 

  • Social Media apps are used for networking and connecting with people. It cost $30k-$50k
  • E-commerce app uses for business costs $30k-$70k
  • Travel apps which are for a booked tickets, hotel room, etc. costs $20k-$50k
  • Healthcare apps are used in hospitals for serial, maintain the staff and other activities which cost $45k-$100K
  • On-demand apps cost $20k-$60k
  • Gaming apps that have high coding costs $20k-$250k


Cost also changes based on location. So it is important from where you are building your app as different countries have different costs.

  • The United States costs $100-$150 hour
  • Ukraine has a $ 60-hour rate
  • India has the lowest rate of $18-40
  • Australia has the highest development cost which is $200 per hour.
  • Russia costs $60 per hour
  • East Europe costs $20-$150

Costs of Different Types of App:

Developing Mobile Apps for Android, Different Cost of Apps Development,

The cost of android app development also depends on its type as different types of apps have different costs. 

  • Native
  • Cross-Platform
  • PWA

Costs Depend on the Stage: 

An app goes through different stages which have many costs included. They are:

  • Strategy
  • Analyzing and planning
  • UI/UX Design
  • Backend development
  • Testing
  • Support and maintenance


This sector draws a strategy on how a strategy will go as an app. It researches the app’s target customer, its goal, and competition. This sector’s cost will be $150-$250.

Analyzing and planning:

It focuses on your requirements and identifies possible requirements. Then plan how to get to the final stage by a roadmap. This state’s main work is to plan the app properly. It costs $300-$960

UI/UX Design:

It creates wireframes and focuses on user experience. This sector mainly works on design. Here $200-$960 is the spending cost.

Backend development:

They always need support in your android app development. Here it adds database and server objects. This stage is an important stage in development. Here $1000-$2000 will be spent. 


Testing is the last stage of app development. Here comes all function testing, performance, security testing, device testing in which it may run, etc. This stage costs $950-$1500

Support and maintenance:

After all the stage complete here comes about support and maintenance which is also an important stage. After getting the app it will come to upload the app in Google store and make sure all the functions work properly. A team will be there for you always. Here need to spend $150-$260

Best Android App Development Company:

  • Utility 
  • Cubix
  • Ad N Url
  • Solulab 
  • Day One Technologies 


Android app development is the most popular nowadays as it has more opportunities in business. People are looking forward to it. It provides user-friendly, innovative apps with marketing strategies. You can have the best app in your budget. You must select the feature and other sectors which have a great impact on costs. For knowing more you can interact with different Android app development companies which will help you to get every detail and your query. 

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