Are you becoming a Fresh Teenage Mother? Time to Know the Significance of Career Counselling of your Child!

You are worried about your child’s future. What career he/she is going to have? If yes, then what would be the best job for him/her? All these questions arise in your mind when you see your child becoming a teenager. Fresh Teenage mother should focus on their Childs.

According to psychologist Joyce Brothers, “the mother is the first and most important teacher, not only in the home but also for life.” The relationship between parents and children is one of the most beautiful relationships. Mothers play a unique role in the lives of their children because they are both friends and teachers. They also serve as role models for their children, from deciding what to wear to selecting a branding thesis topics, a mother can do everything and anything.

A mother’s role in career counseling their teenage child can be far more effective than that of a professional career counselor. However, many new adolescent moms are unsure about how they might assist their children in early career counseling. As a result, this guide is assembled for all those new adolescent mothers to help them understand the importance of career counseling and how they may help.

What is Career Counseling?

The main aim of this type of counseling is to help students understand their interests, abilities, and values so that they can find their best career path. Students need guidance from an expert who can help them in making better decisions about their future careers. The person should be able to guide them about their strengths and weaknesses so that they can learn how to overcome them if needed (Savickas, 2019).

Why career counseling is important for a child?

If you are a mother and your son or daughter is about to enter the teenage phase, you must prepare yourself well for this change. The first thing that should come to your mind is ‘how do I make my child understand career counseling?’

The teenage phase can be a difficult time for both the parents and their children. Especially when it comes to career counseling, the mothers may find it challenging to explain why their child needs to take up some form of education or training after school. But this is something that cannot be ignored.

You must explain to your child why he or she needs to consider career counseling early in life so that they can create a plan for themselves and their future. Many things happen during this phase that can affect how our lives turn out. And if we take advantage of these opportunities, we might just find ourselves with better options than we could imagine!

Here are some of the reasons why career counseling is important for a child,

Helps in discovering themselves

It helps them understand what they want from life and what they want out of it. This gives them an idea about the kind of life they want to live after college or school education ends.

  • Additionally allows them to determine whether or not they want to pursue higher training or now not, as well as what type of career they need to pick in the future.
  • Allows them to examine extra about themselves and discover what they want from existence.

Helps in choosing the right field

It helps teenagers to make the right decisions about their future by giving them insights into various types of careers and professions.

It also gives them an idea about how much money they can earn from a particular field, what kind of qualifications are required for that particular job, etc. This helps them make choices without any regrets later in life.

Helps in making the right decisions

When you’re young, it’s easy to be undecided about what you want to do with your life. Because of this uncertainty, many students change their majors numerous times before deciding on one. This, however, can be a waste of resources, both financially and in terms of time. As a consequence, the best thing to do is get career advice from professionals. They’ll assist you in identifying your passion and guide how to pursue it without wasting time or money. (MEW, 2019).

What role a mother can play in career counseling

Career counseling is something that a child may need as they grow up. A mother can play an important role in helping her child understand what they want to do with their lives and how they can achieve their goals. Here are some of the reasons why a mother can play a role in her child’s career.

  • Prepare them for challenges

A mother’s role in career counseling begins with setting a good example by finding or creating her career path. When children see their parents working toward their goals and embracing challenges, it encourages them to do the same. For example, if your son is in the last year of his MBA, and he is researching for marketing dissertation topics to write his thesis, but you have a journalism degree, talk about how you wrote your thesis and how you selected a topic. Similarly, if a child wants to become an actor, talk about how you achieved your goals and what you had to do to get there. Even if you have no experience in acting, but always wanted to perform explain this to your child and encourage them to follow their dreams.

  • Help them in finding their interest

When it comes time for your son or daughter to choose a major in college or university, help them find one that fits their interests. For example: If your daughter loves art and drawing, she might enjoy studying fine arts or graphic design at university. If your son loves science and math, he might enjoy studying engineering at university or college. If neither of these choices appeals to either of them (or both), help them find another major that suits their interests better than these did.”

  • Support them in their decisions

A mother can play a pivotal role in helping her teenage child make informed career choices. She can do this by being an active listener and offering support when needed. A mother has years of experience parenting and caring for children, which gives her the ability to offer guidance that is grounded in common sense. When communicating with her teen about their plans, she should:

  • Listen carefully to what they have to say.
  • Ask clarifying questions if they don’t answer directly or if she’s unsure what they mean.
  • Support your child’s choices even if they are different than yours.
  • Encourage your teen to think through their decision-making process and ensure that they have considered all aspects of their chosen path.

Final Words

A mother can play a pivotal role in helping her teenage child make informed career choices. She can do this by being an active listener and offering support when needed. A mother has years of experience parenting and caring for children, which gives her the ability to offer guidance that is grounded in common sense.


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