Become A QuickBooks ProAdvisor- In A Simple steps

Become A QuickBooks ProAdvisor- In A Simple steps


Would you like to take your consulting practice to the next level, gain customer confidence and quickly link up with a huge pool of new customers? 


This and many more benefits will come with the certification of QuickBooks ProAdvisor. And most of all, with only a few hours of effort you can improve your business at no expense. 


Your ProAdvisor certification displays your superior Quickbooks system expertise by entering the QuickBooks ProAdvisor course and completing an exam. You are ready for expert consultancy and financial advice. 

The QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification will enhance your productivity and the success of your practice. We will talk about this


What does your QuickBooks ProAdvisor certificate indicate?

Your ProAdvisor certificate indicates a higher understanding of the software by joining QuickBooks ProAdvisor and completing the test successfully. 


This enables you to move to the next level in financial consultation and get customer confidence and access to a network of future clients. It will also enhance your efficiency and raise your practice’s success.


To pass the certification test, you do not require accounting or bookkeeping experience or any academic schooling.


 You must finish the 81 questions test successfully with a passing score of 80% or above in order to get a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. 


In order to prepare for the examination, most individuals need to devote at least 12-16 study hours. If you do not make your first try, you can take the examination up to three times.


Steps to become Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Here are some steps to become QuickBooks ProAdvisor-

1. Online Accountant Register to QuickBooks

After your registration, you will obtain a complimentary QuickBooks Online Accountant membership, which may also be used for bookkeeping and accessing the QuickBooks Online accounts of your customers. Within QuickBooks Online Accountants you will maintain your ProAdvisor account and certification.

The first step is to create a free QuickBooks Online Accountant account with some basic information. You will be requested to submit:


Address of Email (user ID)


Phone Number


You will have to use the same password if you’ve already used your email account for any Intuit product like QuickBooks or TurboTax. 


If you have never signed up for Intuit products, you will be required to set up a new password. A credit card or other sensitive information is not necessary.


2. Prepare the certification test for QuickBooks ProAdvisor

After you have created your Quickbook Online account, you get access to all the study material, live and recorded webinars and free exams. 

To begin the workout, go to the ProAdvisor Link in the left menu bar of your Quickbooks Online Accountant and click on the Training option.


You will find courses here to prepare for all QuickBooks’ products for certification testing. If you’re new to QuickBooks, it’s a wonderful idea to start with QuickBooks Online Accountant Course.


To pass the test, you need to grasp the broad concepts of accounting as well as the system of QuickBooks Online Accountants. Prepare for both the courses, but it is not compulsory.

 You can move directly to the test and earn your certificate if you have previously had this information. You will also receive CPE credits in preparation for the certification test, which relates to your certified public accounter (CPA) license. In addition, you can also receive CPE credits.


3. The Certification Exam for QuickBooks

Click on the test in the top right corner of the QuickBooks Certification List of courses, to access certification examinations by QuickBooks. 


The test, which consists of 81 questions divided into six sections, does not have to be taken. All six portions should take around three and a half hours.


Before you confirm the submission, you can examine your answers for a particular area. However, the exam must be completed for each section in one session. To earn your certificate you must answer at least 80% of the questions in every area properly


4.Fill up the profile of your ProAdvisor.

Make sure your profile is completed as soon as possible. Your profile contains your certifying badges, an “about me” part, years in business, services you provide, the industry you have experience in, and your connections with social media.


As you gain more points, your ProAdvisor Profile rises in the rankings. As you climb the ranks, you’ll be able to expand your business and take advantage of more programme advantages, such as discounts, product support, and training opportunities. Here’s a rundown of the other benefits:


Your ProAdvisor accreditation symbol should be prominently displayed on your website, emails, and business cards.


  • Increase your profile ranking and reputation by boosting your credibility.


  • With QuickBooks software, you can distinguish yourself as a genuine expert.



This content should help you take the following step and become a ProAdvisor for QuickBooks. Perform Step One to sign in with your QuickBooks Online Free account to further explore this option. 

There is no need for you to be qualified. In Quick books, finish the remaining stages for certification, when you desire to enhance your know-how and abilities.


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