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Best camping beds reviews of 2021

In this table, you will find the best camping beds for 2021. We have selected, among all the products on the market, those with the best quality/price ratio, and with the safety and usability features that products of this type must have, to be both comfortable, both şirinevler escort functional.

What are camping beds?

The camping cot, also known as a travel cot, is an accessory for babies and small children,
generally use up to 36 months of age, which is very useful when the family wants to go on vacation.
Very often the places where you will spend your holiday, whether they are houses,
bungalows or hotel rooms, are not well equipped to accommodate the child.
Perhaps they are only equipped with an extra bed, which however does not guarantee the safety
and comfort necessary for our little one. In this case, the camping cot,
which has the same shape as the traditional cot, but is much lighter and suitable for transport,
will ensure a peaceful sleep for the child and will give parents peace of mind.
The camping cot unlike the traditional one is foldable, made of light materials
and designed for transport, so while replacing it in all respects, at the same time also taking the place of the box, it will not give problems when it has to be transported from one place to another,
whether it is for a holiday long or just for a weekend away with the whole family.
In addition to being a valid ally when planning a holiday, the camping cot can also be used in other situations.
For example, if you own a second home, if your little one spends a lot of time at his grandparents’ house,
and you don’t want to face the investment imposed by buying a second cot,
the camping cot will be a valid substitute and help for everyone. those who will have to look after the little one when he is not at home,

What materials are camping beds made of?

Given the purpose for which it is created, the camping cot must be made of materials that are both safe
and comfortable for the child, but also resistant and light.
As for the materials of the supporting structure, which must be foldable,
this is generally made with tubular elements in light metals, such as anodized aluminum,
which guarantee high resistance but also easy portability, or they are made of plastic very resistant.
The base, in addition to the materials already mentioned, can be made of wood fiber suitably padded,
then the mattress must be placed on it. The containment elements of the bed,
which cover the structure, are made for the most part in fabrics such as canvas or polyester,
they must be very resistant to tears, with inserts and parts in mesh,
that allow both the passage of air and to see the child from the outside, also guaranteeing him a good view of what is happening around him. As for the materials,
it is also essential to evaluate the fact that these are washable: these are elements in close contact with the child, for very long times, and also the cot will be transported to various places.
A completely removable and washable structure will characterize the best camping cot.
and also the cot will be transported to various places. A completely removable and washable structure will characterize the best camping cot. and also the cot will be transported to various places.
A completely removable and washable structure will characterize the best camping cot.

The average size of camping beds

Being a travel cot, it is very important to evaluate the dimensions of the product which must be easy to carry when closed, and very comfortable for the baby when open.
When the cot is unfolded, it must be large enough to ensure the comfort of our baby not only when it is a newborn of a few months, but also when it is 2 or 3 years of age,
guaranteeing it all the space enough to spend the whole night without it being too tight.
On the other hand, when the camping cot is closed, it must be easy to carry, take up little space
and also be light enough. As for the dimensions, on average a travel cot has a long side that on
average ranges from 120 to 125 cm, is between 60 and 70 cm wide,
and generally more than 75 cm high, reaching up to 85 cm, so as to ensure the safety of the little ones
even when they are standing. Speaking of weight, in general, these are products with fairly low weight,
ranging from 7 kg up to 11 kg for models with a more complex and more equipped structure.
In general, it will be good that this object does not exceed 10 kg in weight otherwise it will be tiring to carry.
To evaluate the ease of transport, it will be good to consider,
in addition to the dimensions of the camping cot when it is open, those of the closed product.
In fact, we will need to carry it by hand, insert it in the trunk of the car or,
if we travel by means of vehicles such as planes, ships or trains, having to store it in confined spaces,
also in consideration of the fact that we will have to carry other luggage in addition to the cot.
In general, when closed, the beds are reduced to a sort of parallelepiped,
with the long side between 70 and 80 cm and the two shorter sides around 20-25 cm, at most 35.
There are also camping beds on the market. of different shapes and sizes,
such as those with a square base, which are probably more suitable to act as a box for games.

Design features of camping beds

Evaluating the purchase of a camping cot and the prices of the various models,
we must not underestimate all the design features of this product, which in addition to aesthetic needs correspond to functional needs.

Other elements to consider regarding the design of camping beds are those relating to safety and comfort in the child, such as the padding in the upper part and in the corners, which must always be rounded,
and the existence or not of grab bars. which the child can hold on to, to stand up.
To evaluate the presence of a folding mattress: in fact, we often focus only on the structure of the bed,
evaluating it open and closed, without considering that the mattress, if it is not foldable,
will represent another element that is quite bulky to carry.
such as a toy pocket, a changing table, which will be useful for mothers when changing their baby
and avoid carrying around other accessories.
Do not underestimate the presence of a transport bag, which will make this product really portable.

Maybe on beautiful summer days you will want to move the cot outdoors, to let the child play,
and thanks to the wheels it will not be necessary to have the intervention of more people to move it. After considering the design elements that are functional, it will be good to evaluate the aesthetic ones as well.
A nice bed characterized by cheerful designs and relaxing colors, will facilitate the baby’s sleep and make him more likely to stay inside it even when he is awake and the bed will have the function of a playpen to play safely. Finally,

Does it take a long time to set up a camping cot?

As we have already mentioned, speaking of the design features of camping beds,
these must be objects that are easy to open and close.
and without the need for additional parts such as rods, sticks, screws or nails.

With the same mechanism with which a stroller opens for example,
it will be enough to press down on a precise point on the base and the structure of the entire bed will open by itself.
due to the stresses imposed by the movements of the child.

such as the mosquito net or the side bag. When the holiday is over and the cot has to be closed,
we will proceed in the same way, removing the mattress and then unfastening,

Safety features of camping beds

must meet the same safety requirements. During the night, in fact, the child remains alone
and unsupervised for many hours, so these safety rules concern both the structure of the cot and the mattress and pillow.
As for the structure, this must avoid the risk of entrapment in the spaces and openings between the structure itself and the mattress.
There must be no spaces greater than 60 mm between the various elements and the mattress,
moreover, the cot must be free of elements that can generate a risk of entanglements,
such as ropes and ribbons, or hooks that can trap the child or his clothes. Any plastic packaging,

with a brake. or they must carry the warning that they must remove them and keep them away from children.
or they must carry the warning that they must remove them and keep them away from children.

it is essential that the mattress is free of small parts that can detach and can be ingested
or even inhaled by the child.
so that the child does not have the possibility to access the filling material, moreover,
The base and the support feet,
and the weight distribution of the cot must ensure maximum stability
and the impossibility of overturning even if the child is standing inside and moving or leaning over the sides.

The maximum weight they can hold

The ideal would be to buy it when the child is very small so that you can use it for at least a couple of years without problems.

Tips on using camping beds

As we have said, in addition to being the place where the child will spend the night in complete safety,
the travel cot will also act as a playpen during the day, representing a play space for the little ones,

Even at home, away from holiday periods, the camping cot can be useful.
If you are in doubt about the purchase of a box, you can consider the purchase of a camping cot as a valid alternative, which can have the same functions, with the added advantage of being foldable.
as soon as the opportunity arises. It will also be a comfortable and spacious container for the little one’s games, avoiding that they are all scattered around the house. In this way,
you will save the purchase of an additional product, having instead available one that can have more functions, and that will also prove to be more comfortable to move and store,

In what situations are camping beds most useful

The camping cot is a necessary object if you spend very long holidays in a place far from your home
If you rent a holiday home or an apartment,
it will be important to guarantee the right stability to the child, even when you go to sleep,
For many, the holiday is a period of relaxation, and therefore also for the child to have the right spaces in which to sleep and rest safely, will be important to experience a peaceful and peaceful holiday.
Using the cot as a playpen during the day will ensure that we can also create a safe space for the child
in a new environment in which to place all his toys and in which to leave him alone for a while.
when we do other chores without, of course, losing sight of him.
such as the net, will allow him to look around and not feel alone, maintaining eye contact with his parents.
Even if you do not go on vacation, the camping cot can be the best choice for working parents
who often find themselves having to leave their children in the care of their grandparents.
Instead of facing the purchase of a second cot, the camping cot can be a convenient solution:
Once assembled,
the camping cot takes up less space than a traditional cot, so even in situations where there is not much space available,

How to choose the camping cot that best suits your needs?

we could thus discover that the best travel cot for us is not necessarily the most expensive one.
along with the mattress, will be ideal. A resealable cot which, however, provides for the mattress separately,
will instead impose in addition to the transport of the bag, also that of the mattress,
and therefore will inevitably lose the characteristic of easy portability and small footprint.
If, on the other hand, we foresee a more permanent use for our cot, for example as a second
by the mattress and accessories, compared to the weight and ease of transport,
will help to make the best choice.
Considering your own needs and obviously, those of the child can guide parents
confused by the many cots on sale in selecting the option that best suits their needs.
we must ask ourselves if that accessory will really be useful, or if it is just an unnecessary expense,
as well as an element that will take up more space than necessary. Many cots, for example,
The ease of opening and closing the object should be evaluated at the time of purchase,
as fundamental characteristics the more one has the propensity to travel.
The closed size is important both for when you are on the move and for when you need to store it in your home. Finally,
the aesthetic side will be of greater importance in those situations where a fairly permanent use of the product
For example, if you want to use it as a playpen at home, or as a cradle for grandparents,
a decorated and colored bed will certainly be more beautiful to look at,
and more pleasant for the little one who will have to spend time inside.

Maintenance of the camping bed

If you use the camping cot for the function for which it was designed, which is to travel and vacation, it will be essential to take care of this object. It is important to clean the bed in all its parts before putting it back in the bag, to prevent dirt and various types of residues, such as liquids or food, from nesting and encrusting the various surfaces. In this regard, it would be good to choose a cot made of easy-to-clean materials. The metal structure must be in anodized aluminum or other alloys that do not rust in contact with water and humidity. The fabrics that make up the soft part of the cot must be easy to disassemble and wash, if necessary, even in the washing machine. When cleaning this object, it should be considered that it is always in close contact with the child, who will tend, for example, to bite the soft parts of the upper edge when he begins to learn to stand. Once back home, after the holiday, if you have the şirinevler escort bayan opportunity,

These are more or less equipped cots, with different weight and size characteristics, of various price ranges and products from the most popular brands that deal with baby products. For each product, in addition to the description of the main elements, the characteristics that differentiate it from competitors, there is a list of advantages and disadvantages in points, so as to facilitate the choice.

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