Best Rakhi Colors & Gifts For Brothers As Per Zodiac Sign

Best Rakhi Colors & Gifts For Brothers As Per Zodiac Sign


Over the years, Vedic Astrology has got tremendous recognition in which Indian people have great faith. Vedic studies spin around the planetary movements and forms of an individual’s life. According to classical science, it is said that the prophecy of human behavior has a direct impact on zodiac signs. So, this Raksha Bandhan, get ready to pick an online Rakhi based on the zodiac sign of your brother according to Vedic Astrology. It will enhance his personality and bring good vibes and happiness to him.


NriRakhi serves as a one-stop solution for all your Raksha Bandhan needs. Go to the website and search for the best rakhi and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep. In case you have your brother staying in a foreign country where they follow the western culture then do send them a traditional Rakhi thread. We will assist you to send rakhi to the USA and make them feel more associated with their hometown and enjoy the cultural scenery of India.


Here, we have prepared a draft of these best Rakhi colors according to your brother’s Zodiac sign. Make sure you note down the best suitable Rakhi presents for brothers based on their sun sign this Raksha Bandhan.




We all know that the Planet Mars governs the Lord of Aries. In case your brother has Aries as a sun sign, then pick a red-colored Rakhi for him. Besides red, you can go for the colors like orange and yellow based on their zodiac sign. Make sure the color suits him. The red color is considered to infuse fresh energy and positivity. If your brother is a sports person with Aries zodiac signs then gift your brothers with sports equipment. This Raksha Bandhan makes them feel special.




If your zodiac sign is Taurus then you are administered by the planet Venus. Do pick a white-colored rakhi for your brother matching their sun sign. For all the Taurus zodiac signs individuals you can gift them with silver and blue colored rakhis. Make sure you white rakhi on your brother’s wrists to generate good outcomes. Based on their zodiac sign do gift them with the best Raksha Bandhan gift. You can send them beautiful flowers, sweets, chocolates, blankets, and elegant pillows that can uplift their warm and extrovert nature.




The zodiac sign Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. So, if your brother’s zodiac sign is Gemini then pick a green-colored rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan. This green rakhi will favor them with happiness, success, and long life. We know that people with Gemini as a zodiac sign are remarkably intelligent. With rakhi, you can gift them with a book or a journal as a gift on this Raksha Bandhan.




Individuals with zodiac sign as cancer are ruled by Moon. So, gift them with a white or yellow on Raksha Bandhan is the best option. It will help them to stay nonviolent and soft-hearted. Pick a silk thread ornamented with pearls that appears to be attractive and lucky for your brother. Other than that, a handcrafted gift is the best for brothers with a Cancer zodiac sign.



Sun is known to rule the zodiac sign of Leo. So, if your brother’s zodiac sign is Leo then gift them with a thread in yellow, red, orange, golden, or pink colored on their wrists. If they don’t wear these colors then tie the above-colored thread and give some gifts to matching the color combo. For them, the best gifts matching their zodiac sign will be fragrances, ornaments, grooming kits, and beautifiers.




Take a look at the Lord of Virgo zodiac sign which is Mercury. For this Raksha Bandhan, sisters need to choose green or white-colored Rakhi. Else, they can pick a silk thread for their brothers. So, make sure you go through our official site NriRakhi and hunt for the best rakhi matching their zodiac sign. Those who have Virgo as a zodiac sign tend to stay organized. So, gift them a watch, calendar, combo baskets, etc. to make them feel happy.




Next, the planet Venus commands the zodiac sign of Libra. So, the hunt for the best color of rakhi for your brother with the Libra sign. Pick any turquoise or purple-colored rakhi. Else you can pick blue and white color too. Librans are known to be followers of emotion and grace. So, the best gift for them on this Raksha Bandhan is scented candles, cleansers, and creams.




The planet Mars commands over the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Thus, it is suitable to gift them with a red or pink colored rakhi on this Raksha Bandhan. People with Scorpion people sign are selective about their looks and appearances. So, gift them branded clothes, watch, footwear, sunglasses, or fragrances. All you need to do is search for the best choices for them for Raksha Bandhan.




Jupiter is known to be the planet of enlightenment that manages this zodiac sign. Those people with Sagittarius as sun sign are considered to be truthful and sincere in their opinions. So, gift them with a yellow or golden-colored Rakhi is the best for your Sagittarian brother. So, send them a basket of chocolate or flowers to make them feel special with this Raksha Bandhan.




Shani God is known to rule the Capricorn zodiac. All the sisters out there, try to select a dark blue or a pink-colored rakhi. On this day, tie this piece of thread on their wrist and make them feel peaceful. Capricorns are considered to be ambitious in life. So, send them something like a stone or God statue that is a great idea for their professional life.




Similar to Capricorns, Aquarians are also ruled by Lord Shani Dev. So, you can select a Rudraksha Rakhi. Else, you can pick a dark-colored Rakhi that is best for them according to their sun sign. If you tie a dark-colored thread on their wrist, then your bond will get strengthened. Those individuals with Aquarius as a zodiac sign are in love with gadgets. So, this Raksha Bandhan you need to make sure you pick trending gadgets for them.



All the individuals with Pisces as a zodiac sign are ruled by the Planet Jupiter. All you need to do is search for a beautiful yellow Rakhi for them on this Raksha Bandhan. If you don’t get a yellow-colored rakhi then you can go for a white one.


In India, people take the sun signs very seriously and they are compassionate about following these signs. So, on this Raksha Bandhan make sure you gift them something that is worth and matches with their zodiac sign. Try to make your bond stronger on this festive day. Make sure you make the best use of this data while choosing you are investing your time in choosing a rakhi for your brother. The chronicle of this promising celebration is rooted in classical Vedic times. So, spend time and pick the best rakhi thread for your brother based on their zodiac sign.


Happy Rakhi!!!


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