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Best Things to Do in Chicago

Things to Do in Chicago

Chicago is a perfect blend of adventure, history, culture, and much more for everyone who decides to explore the city. This city is big in itself and will need a week to explore it to the best. The sky-high buildings, gorgeous parks, and any shopping complex make the city one of the most visited cities in the country by tourists. From the Museum of Science and Industry to the very famous Art Institute of Chicago, this place has it all. We have prepared a list of some of the best places to visit in Chicago and make your travel planning much easier; we recommend you make all your bookings in advance with Jetblue Book a flight option available on their website.

Art Institute of Chicago

If you are visiting Chicago to explore the culture of the city, you must start your trip with the Art Institute of Chicago. Founded in 1879, this is the oldest and largest museum in the town and holds a collection of more than a thousand art pieces and sculptures. At the entrance of the building stands two lions made of bronze. Many exhibits here showcase textile, sculpture, paintings, and many shreds of Chicago’s history. This place is a perfect holiday spot for art lovers.

Navy Pier

The biggest place in the city to take your family to is the Navy Pier. Stretched out on Lake Michigan, this place is highly known for the huge Ferris wheel it has, which is visible from a long distance. The wheel is 190 feet tall, and the first thing people visit when they enter the pier. Along with the Ferris ride, you can also enjoy a little bit of golf at the golf course present within the premises of the pier. The beer garden is another place that attracts tourists to the Navy pier. Your kids would also love the smaller rides they can enjoy while they live performers entertain you with their performances.

Museum of Science and Industry

For the people who love everything about science, the Museum of science and industry is the best place for you to explore. This museum is all about scientific discoveries and the industrial era of the city. In addition to that, when it comes to science museums in Chicago, this one is the biggest and most visited by the locals and tourists. With a collection of over 35,000 artifacts and scientific evidence, this museum has a lot to learn and experience. The museum has been organizing many hands-on exhibits for many years, and people love to be a part of them.

Millennium Park

Situated by Lake Michigan, this park is surrounded by utmost greenery and is iconi日本藤素
c in itself. Many events are organized here all around the year and attract the most crowd. We suggest you check the list of the upcoming performances in advance to know exactly when to plan your visit to Millennium Park. The highlight of this palace is the 110-ton heavy glass sculpture known as the Cloud Gate. Another attraction in Millennium Park is the Crown Fountain, where the water flows from the mouth of the statues.

The Field Museum

The Field Museum in Chicago was originated from the World’s Fair of 1893. Located in Grant Park, The Field Museum is a perfect collection of over a lakh of art pieces and artifacts, sculptures, and many other preserved displays from the early times of Chicago. As soon as you enter the museum, the first thing that will blow your mind is the huge sculpture of an elephant and dinosaur. To pay tribute to the main benefactor of the museum, Marshall Field, the museum was named after him in 1905.

The Bean

The bean, also known as the Cloud Gate, is located in the heart of the city. The huge sculpture has a glass-like finish inspired by the liquid mercury. The attraction was made by an Indian artist Anish Kapoor. The best time to visit here at Millennium Park is during the early morning. This is the time when the place is less crowded, and you can enjoy some quiet time during your adventurous trip to Chicago.

Garfield Park Conservatory

For the people who love nature and natural surroundings, the Garfield Park Conservatory is a must-visit place in Chicago. The air here is very clean and fresh because of the thousands of plants that are very properly maintained. The range of plants you will find here is immense and is spread across twelve acres of the land. Many permanent exhibits here attract the most tourists. They keep organizing temporary exhibitions seasonally all around the year for the people visiting.

The Magnificent Mile

To know the city to the best, The Magnificent Mile is the place to be. You can shop here from some of the best stores and dine at the luxurious, a-listed restaurants. If you visit Chicago for a few days, you will also find amazing hotels and cottages here for your stay. The street is lined up with stores, restaurants, and live entertainment at every corner. The Mile goes on for 13 blocks and holds around 60 hotels, 460 stores, and 275 restaurants for you to explore. Even if you decide to dine at a new place every time you go hungry, you won’t be able to explore all of the sites during one visit.


Shedd is one of the best aquariums in the city for you to take your kid to. This aquarium is the largest indoor aquarium in the world and holds over 8000 species of aquatic animals. However, the motive of this aquarium is to educate, promote, and display the wonders that underwater holds. This aquarium is the first aquarium to have a permanent saltwater exhibit, and the fun fact is that the saltwater is taken directly from the seas of Key West.

Lincoln Park Zoo

For some fun family time during your visit to Chicago, take your kids to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The highlights of this zoo are the festive Zoolights that are organized here during the festive season. It holds a wide range of land animals and exhibits for everyone. It is important to remember that the festive Zoolights require advance bookings.


Chicago is a great place to come with your family. If you are also planning to visit the city with your family and friends, make Spirit Airlines Reservations to spend a hustle free time during your trip.

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