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Can colon cancer be cured without surgery?

Colorectal cancer (colon and rectal cancer) continues to afflict millions of people globally. Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is a deadly illness, but it can be avoidable with the help of modern screening technologies. Knowing the symptoms and taking advantage of preventative screening can help you live a longer, healthier life. It occurs due to abnormal cells developing in the large intestine (colon) or rectum. It affects both men and women and has the third-highest cancer death rate globally, with many lifestyle factors increasing the risk of colorectal cancer. Obesity raises the chance of colon cancer by 30% and poor treatment results and comorbidities. This type of cancer has a high occurrence probability in individuals who smoke too much. A recent study found that smokers with colon cancer were 14% more likely than non-smokers to die from the disease within five years. People diagnosed with colon cancer can find the best cancer hospital in India on Credihealth.

Alternative to a surgery Treatment option for Colon Cancer

Early-stage colon cancers are typically treated surgically. The surgery method depends on the cancer’s stage, location in the colon, and the procedure’s objective. Surgery treatment can be combined with another form of colon cancer treatment to kill or eradicate cancer cells. However, not every patient diagnosed with colon cancer can not be treated with surgery Doctors can perform different treatment methods. These alternative treatment methods include –

Chemotherapy for colon cancer

Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancer cells. If the cancer is bigger or has spread to the lymph nodes, chemotherapy is generally administered following surgery. Chemotherapy may thereby destroy any remaining cancer cells and thus minimize the chance of cancer recurrence.

Chemotherapy can also be used to reduce a big malignancy before surgery to make it easier to remove. Chemotherapy can also be used to treat symptoms of colon cancer that cannot be surgically removed or has spread to other organs. It’s sometimes coupled with radiation.

Some patients with low-risk stage III colon cancer may be able to skip chemo following surgery. This method may be as successful as conventional chemotherapy while reducing adverse effects.

Radiation therapy for colon cancer

Radiation treatment kills cancer cells using high-energy sources like X-rays and protons. It might be used to reduce big cancer before a procedure, making it easier to remove.

Radiation treatment may be used to address symptoms such as pain when surgery is not an option. Chemotherapy and radiation are sometimes used together. Cancer hospitals in India use advanced technology-based radiation therapy to treat cancer patients.

Targeted drug therapy for colon cancer

Targeted medication therapies are designed to target particular abnormalities seen in cancer cells. Targeted medication therapies can kill or destroy cancer cells by inhibiting these aberrations in patients. Chemotherapy is frequently used in conjunction with targeted medicines. People with advanced colon cancer are usually treated with targeted medicines.

Immunotherapy for colon cancer

Immunotherapy is a cancer-fighting medication that activates your immune system. Because cancer cells generate proteins that prevent immune system cells from detecting cancer cells, your body’s disease-fighting immune system may fail to combat your cancer. It is believed that immunotherapy operates by interfering with the immune system’s normal functions. Immunotherapy is often used only in the case of advanced colon cancer. Your doctor may examine your cancer cells to discover if they’re likely to respond to this treatment.

On the other hand, a cancer hospital in India also uses a Palliative care treatment approach focusing on relieving pain and other symptoms associated with severe disease. Palliative care is given by a team of oncologists, nurses, and other specially trained specialists who collaborate with you, and your family and other doctors to add an extra layer of support to your continuing treatment.

Palliative care teams at the hospital in India are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients and their families. palliative care and clinical trials help a patient to get the additional curative treatment that provides benefits for the patient’s overall health outcomes. 

Patients who are diagnosed with or have the risk of getting affected with cancer can find the best cancer hospital in India for detecting and treating on Credihealth. Credihealth is India’s premier healthcare internet platform, allowing you to arrange an appointment with a doctor and hospital in just a few steps by filling required details. In addition, you may go through the website to get an estimated cost for any cancer treatment.

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