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How to optimize the loading speed of blog for SEO

Indeed, life is beautiful if we have a blog that is very SEO. One of the reasons for not Search Engine Optimization blogs is the slow loading on the blog. In general, the speed of the blog is triggered by several factors: the template is too heavy, while the template becomes heavy due to the too excessive design.

For example. Customizing background template into an image, because an image that has large pixels causes the blog to be slow and helpless. Ok, what is the effect of having a blog with heavy loading speed?  Of course, visitors will switch to other sites, especially when the internet is used by visitors very slowly, hmm so what is your blog? Immediately, we head to the scene of the crime to optimize the loading speed of your blog.

1. Figs causes the speed of the blog to slow

As I said above, one of the reasons for slow blogs is an image that is too large. To fix this, use an image that suits your needs and chooses an image that is small but good. Reduce the use of images on the blog sidebar or in templates, why is that? Because when loading the image, your blog system will immediately read it. And don’t use images for background templates or just to decorate your blog. Which one do you choose? Blogs are busy but loading slowly or blogs are simple, simple tap loading speed can compete. All that mah …. it’s up to you…

2. The URL of the image.

Most bloggers are lazy to provide pictures in their posts. So he takes pictures from other blogs without saving them to the computer first. If you copy and paste immediately, the URL of the blog that you are copying will carry the original URL of the image. Apart from not being optimal, the copy and paste method will not bring good results. You try to download the image and then upload it yourself, the results are better.

3. Video overload affects the speed of a blog

Indeed, we really need to make a video to complete our post, especially in your post some tutorials are very difficult and cannot be expressed in words, so to complete them you use videos. But I recommend that you don’t use video too much. Then what is the alternative? You can use screenshots.

4. The widgets on the template are too heavy

If you want to have a blog with a fast loading speed, then reduce it to install widgets. The cause of the slow loading of the widget is because the links and script code will load too. To fix this, you have to be smart in choosing a responsive template, like the one I use.

5. Many External links

Here is a digital marketing strategy -External links. What is an external link? An external link is a link to direct to other people’s blogs that are posted on your blog in the form of a banner or the like. The point is to put backlinks on other blogs. But to provide external links you don’t have to use banners, you can just use tables for the convenience of visitors.

6.   HTML or JavaScript code

In general, if you have too much HTML or javascript in your template, this will greatly affect the loading speed of your blog. So you have to delete which HTML code is not really important. The trick is that you edit HTML, select unimportant HTML, and delete it to make it easier for you to use inspect elements on Mozilla.

Hopefully, with the post How to optimize the blog loading speed for SEO, your blog can be more optimal speed.



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