Challenges in a Nursing Job and How to Tackle Them

A nurse acts as a backbone for any medical facility. There are so many challenges in a nursing job that a nurse handles daily that help him/her grow in their career. With that said, nurses also experience stress and burnout as they have to be on their toes all day long. Whether it’s about dealing with an emergency or looking after a rigid patient, they have to keep calm. It’s similar to a general practitioner’s (GP’s) profile.

While you can find plenty of nursing and GP jobs in Darwin, Warriewood, and others parts of Australia, you should ask yourself if you’re ready to face the challenges that come with this rewarding job. If you nod to that, read on to know the challenges a nurse faces at the workplace.

Challenges in a Nursing Job:

Physical Exertion

There’s no other way of explaining this other than observing a nurse’s day at work. From filing and documentation to treating patients now and then, this job can be physically exhausting sometimes. But, as said earlier, you have to be on your toes and give your best. It’s about saving a patient’s life or looking after the wellbeing of patients in general. So, you can’t compromise on quality. All this can lead to stress and anxiety. Nurses experienced burnout during the initial COVID phase worldwide.

Now let’s talk about quick and easy remedies. Well, you should develop a habit of taking short breaks. It’s not necessarily the lunch break but the time you get between two tasks. You can use this time to chat with a colleague, enjoy coffee, or meditate. This way, you can alleviate your stress levels.

Long Hours

Nurses are asked or expected to fill in for their colleagues. As this job requires a nurse to interact with patients, it’s hard to say no!

What we are implying here is the long working hours that a challenge in a nursing job and nurse has to go through regularly. It is one of the common challenges and should be dealt with professionally. If you, as a nurse, are feeling overwhelmed with work, learn to say no to a hectic task. Your health comes first in any case.

Medical students who aim to pursue a nursing career in Australia should know about these challenges. There would be exciting nursing and GP vacancies in Darwin, for example; however, you should make your mind and deal with whatever circumstances to emerge victoriously. It’s the best way forward.

Shortage of Staff

Earlier, we talked about attending to the long-hour requests. This issue arises due to the shortage of staff in a medical facility. Maybe a few staff members have left due to personal commitments while others switched to a better opportunity. Whatever the case, nurses fill in their positions for a short while if it suits their profile. It can cause stress.

So, it’s better to relax and think about it from a different perspective. Ask if you have the capacity or the availability to do the additional tasks assigned to you. Do you feel excited about taking on a new challenge? Is this opportunity going to help you learn something? Answer these questions, and you will know if you’re ready to apply for nursing and GP jobs in Darwin or other cities.

Mentally Exhausting

We did touch base on the physical exertion that nurses experience at the workplace. However, it’s equally important to address mental health issues. For example, a nurse may feel anxious dealing with a rigid patient. Nurses are also required to treat patients having a past profile as criminals.

In another scenario, a nurse may feel stressed due to a heavy workload. It could mentally exhaust the person. So, you can avoid such a situation by keeping your cool. Meditate or learn breathing exercises. Whenever you find time, indulge in these healthy activities.

Now you know why nursing is a rewarding yet challenging career. So, if you’re studying to be a nurse or a GP, use this piece of information to make an informed decision. You can reach out to the Medfuture recruitment team to apply for exciting job opportunities in Australia.

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