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Choose the Best Type of Television Stand for Your Home

Choosing a television stand is not just about displaying your television. Sometimes, stands also help with displaying other objects and enhancing or complementing the rest of the décor. This is why you have to look into things such as colour, design and material before purchasing your stand. Take a look at the following to see some of the common stands in the market. If you are live in Australia then you can check tv stand Australia.

Open Shelves

Since minimalism and simplicity is the trend of modern homes, let’s start with open shelving units. If you are looking for display furniture that is less bulky and plainer, open shelves are a good choice. This is a little rare than other displays but if you look up for tv stand Australia have several stores for you to find this design. These come with space to mount your television and additional shelves for you to place other devices and store small objects like a couple of books or decorative ornaments.

Audio Tower Display

If you want to setup a full entertainment room, choose a display with audio towers. This is a design that imitates the setup of an entertainment centre. It comes with a central stand for the television and shelves flanking on the either side to place speakers and other equipment necessary for the setup. This design comes with functionality and modern looks will give you a chance to impress your guests with the presentation.


Another idea for those who are looking for minimalist designs; mount displays are those that let you hang the television on the wall. Mounts are sometimes designed with shelving units for storage. The biggest benefits of mounts are that they increase the floor space and wires are concealed since they are run through the wall. You can also find mounted shelves on which you can place the television instead of directly mounting the device on the wall.

Display Shelves

These shelves resemble a display wall or a cabinet. In built shelves are made to place the television and other objects. In a way, display shelves are a mix of a TV stand and a cabinet. You can display the television in the middle and store other equipment around it in smaller shelves. These shelves can also be used as storage shelves to display other objects such as photographs or books. If you want to add some extra storage space into your living room or the lounge this is a perfect way to do it while also saving floor space.


Consoles are another common design that can be used to display your television. If you are looking for simple minimalist furniture but don’t like open shelves, consoles is the next best choice. These come with a large surface area to place and display your television ad extra shelves to store other equipment. Since the shelves are covered in the back, you also don’t have to worry about dust or dirt colleting on your equipment.

Think of the requirements of your living room, lounge area or the entertainment room before you choose a television stand. This will help you to find the most matching and the useful furniture items.

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