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Common features of online examination software

Common features of online examination software

Educational institutions around the world are now realizing that taking tests online is the future of exam management. They believe that online examination software can help you conduct your assessment no matter what happens. Institutions should take a peek at the various features of online exam software before making a choice. This blog will be your guide to making the right decisions.

15 features of online examination software


Easy-to-use quick registration

Choose software that has a very simple user interface and easy to use. If your online exam portal looks cluttered or makes it difficult to navigate, it may not be your best bet. Choose software that allows you to move freely and save time by doing things in the easiest way. It takes no more than a few seconds to create an exam. Also, no one likes the numerous registration levels while logging in. Choosing software that allows you to register quickly and easily will not take much time and will not require you to enter unnecessary details.

Planning and scheduling automation

Exam planning and registration can be more complex and require a complete plan. You should choose an online evaluation software with this feature This feature can support pre-testing institutions with options for processing and storing student applications, generating timetables, processing hall tickets, assigning test sites/watchers with configurable seating plans, and finally displaying attendance.

Broad question bank

As a teacher, a large and thorough question bank is one of the essential characteristics of your chosen online testing platform. Get your software to do the main thing with an extensive pool of questions that seem almost never ending. The ideal online exam software should have a question bank with preloaded exams that you can pop up anytime you want to schedule an exam. Plus, with the right online test software, you can customize the test you want in minutes. The ability to mix and match questions should be what teachers look for in online testing software.

Configure problem types with different difficulty levels

This option makes it easy to create multiple question types including single word, explanation, multiple choice, open-ended, quiz, and associates negative markings with the marking scheme for easy calculation. Difficulty levels (easy, hard) can be defined for a more differentiated way to conduct tests.

Time management

Depending on the type of test you are setting up for your student, you can change the test setup time through the correct online test system. Teachers also have to decide whether to give up the time limit and make it a timeless test. For all these customizations in your online exam, this feature makes the software the right option.

Immediate results processing

One of the best features of online exam software is immediate result processing. As students take the online test, the results are processed in real time, so you can see the results immediately to complete the assessment. The software does everything from checking answers to grading and grading. Teachers can check test results with one click. You can also schedule results for a specific time so that you can see all students’ scores at once.

Easy approval process

Getting approval for a designed questionnaire can be a daunting task. An online assessment tool with an easy questionnaire with such options will make things easy.


Create an automated approval workflow with full encryption, making the entire process routed to an easy approval process

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