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Convert Bitmap to PDF On Windows 10 | 5 Step Conversion Guide

Convert Bitmap to PDF On Windows

Articlesdo| In our daily work operations, one might come to cross a situation where users are looking for a way to convert bitmap to PDF windows 10. This process can be a nightmare for the user who doesn’t know where to start.

Thus, to overcome this scenario in today’s blog post we have come out with an effective way that allows converting multiple bitmap images in PDF format. We’ve also summarized a step-by-step solution to this query. So without any further delay let’s get into it…

Bitmap to PDF Converter | Manual Method

If you are using the Windows 10 operating system then you can access the print to PDF function. This inbuilt allows converting a few numbers of bitmap images to PDF format. Let’s check out the working of the manual method.

  • Open an image file in a Windows application.
  • Made a right click on the image file and select the print option.
  • In the printer drop-down menu select the Microsoft Print to PDF and click Print.
  • In the next panel name the file and save the bitmap image in PDF format.

The manual is efficient when you have a small group of images. In case if you have thousands of images then the manual method doesn’t work. It will be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Thus, to avoid inconsistency one can go with an automated approach. Let’s explore more about this smart solution in the upcoming section.

Bitmap to PDF Converter | Automated Approach

SysTools Image Converter Tool is the one-stop solution for all image conversion processes, users can easily transform their images into five different formats. It also supports batch conversion to convert unlimited images at once.

Moreover, the graphical interface of this automated approach is designed to be simple any non-technical user can easily access this tool. Users can download the demo version of this tool to check out the interface and work it. Let’s take a look at the working steps of this automated utility.

Convert Bitmap to PDF On Windows 10 | Automated Approach Working Explained

Before, proceeding with the working steps of this tool. Download the automated tool on your system.

1) Open the tool and click on “Add Files” or “Add Folder”.

2) Use the Change button to set the designation path.

3) Select the Image Format from the drop-down menu and apply filters to modify data.

4) After applying all the filters click on the “Convert Button”.

5) The conversion process will start and a pop-up menu appears with a message of conversion process complete. Simply click “OK”.

Prominent Features Of Automated Tool

1) Convert Multiple Images in Batch: The bitmap to PDF converter is a magical utility that allows to convert multiple file images to the supported file format for good.

2) Maintain Image Quality: The advance algorithms of this tool helps to maintain the picture quality while image compression.

4) Set Number of Images Per Page: This option is helpful when you have to “Create Single file for All Images”. This option enables the user to save number of images per single page.

So There You Have It

In today’s post, we have covered a query i.e. how to convert bitmap to PDF On Windows 10 and we explained a step-wise workaround for the same. Yet, manual methods have some limitations while conversion thus, to avoid inconvenience one can go with an automated approach.

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