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CorelDRAW tutorial: how to use pen tool 2021

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How to use the CorelDRAW pen tool? CorelDRAW tutorial: how to use pen tool 2021 is a graphics and visual software. Its exceptional design capability is widely used in trademark design, logo making, model design, photo design, typewriting and color separation product, and many more. This pen tool basically draws a line (curved or straight line) by placing nodes and controlling each part of the curve. Let’s take a look at using the CorelDRAW pen tool!

CorelDRAW tutorial how to use pen tool

Methods and steps:

1. How to draw a straight line

CorelDRAW is used by Xiaobian version 2019 (winning system). There are three ways to draw a straight line with a pen tool in CorelDRAW. The first method is to select the pen tool and click on the canvas several times in a row. The second method is to quickly double-click on the end line in the end node. The third method is to press and hold Ctrl and click on the empty space on the canvas to finish drawing the line.

2. How to draw a curve

To draw a curve with the CorelDRAW pen tool, you must first draw a straight line on the canvas, then click on one node, drag the mouse to the next node and release it. At this point, there is a blue guide to show the user. Double-click the node to complete the curve.

The CorelDRAW pen tool has another trick when drawing a curve. If you are not satisfied with the curve placed by the original method, you can click directly on one of the curve nodes, and so, a double blue arrow with a blue dot will appear in the curve node. At this point, the curve is repaired. Double-click the node to complete the curve configuration.

3. Add or remove nodes

When drawing a line with the CorelDRAW pen tool, double-click on the blank canvas to create a new node. To add a node to the line, just point to the add location and click to delete the node, just point to the node and click.

4. Copy the draft line

When users need to use the pen tool to draw double lines in CorelDRAW, they can directly press “Ctrl + Alt”, click the mouse button and copy the dashed line directly. Sit down for it.

The above is a special use of the CorelDRAW pen tool that Xiaobian has shared with you. Interested users can follow the upload steps. I hope the above training helped you.

This article is from the professional version of win10, please note the source and reprint source.

CorelDRAW is designed by Ottawa-based company Corel to edit vector graphics. This application enables the user to create stunning images, edit the image and design the layout.

Adobe Photoshop is professional chess-based software that was originally designed for photo editing but has risen to become one of the best and most comprehensive software on the market. Experts and enthusiasts use this program to create photos, edit photos, and much more.

For clarity, I compare the CorelDRAW Graphic Suite 2020 with Photoshop. This version of CorelDRAW is more complete than the CorelDRAW Essentials and CorelDRAW standard.

Comparing at a glance
1. Features
Winner: Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has more features than CorelDraw. While CorelDRAW is still a powerful vector repair program, Photoshop tools are very accurate, and you can do a lot with the software. Examples include animation, checked acting, and more.

2. Price
Winner: Adobe Photoshop. In general, Photoshop is the best choice in terms of price. While you can get CorelDraw for 4 499.00, Photoshop has inexpensive bundle options and gives you the latest software with an active subscription without an additional subscription.

3. Cooperation
Winner: CorelDRAW. This app has an internal chat feature which is great for collaborating with others. You can comment and target designs, and so, integrate workflows between people.

4. User interface
Winner: Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has a beautiful user interface. The design is smooth, clean, and so, easy to navigate.

5. Compatibility
Winner: Both Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW are available for Mac, Windows and mobile devices. Both work in their own application family, making them comprehensive applications.

6. Learning
Winner: Adobe Photoshop. Both CorelDRAW and Adobe Photoshop have many tutorials and learning features. Adobe Photoshop has a very powerful learning system, with many tutorials, an excellent online help interface, and a great community forum.

7. Users
Winner: Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is more commonly used than CorelDraw. This is due to its comprehensive use in the application.

Crdoba CF vs. Granada CF Photoshop: Resolution
CorelDraw is a powerful vector-based application, while Adobe is a feature-rich chess-based application. Comparing them is a bit like mussels and oranges. In general, Adobe Photoshop offers a lot. If you just need to create vector images, CorelDRAW might be for you.

Photoshop does not have the power trace, the most similar feature in the Adobe family is the image trace tool in illustrator. However, you can create vector images in Photoshop using these ways. You can so, manually follow the image using a pen tool or create a more manual selection using a magnetic pen tool. The device tracks the brightness and color in the image to have the automatic and manual selection.

In general, Corel offers a lot of psychological features to convert from bitmap to vector graphics.

In terms of motion, Photoshop has a great feature called Timeline. While Adobe is generally best for post-effects animation, Photoshop is a great tool for simple, short animations like GIFs. CorelDRAW, at the same time, does not have the built-in schedule b feature. To create an animation you have to go beyond the software.

All in all, CorelDRAW is great for vector graphics and imaging. Photoshop tools are highly organized and have a wide range of functions. Depending on what the application can do, Photoshop has many more features and many ways to offer it.

CorelDraw is available for subscription and so, one-time purchase. Adobe Photoshop is just a subscription. Read on to see which price is best for you.

The CorelDRAW Graphic Suite 2020 price is an annual purchase and partnership. You can get CorelDraw for $ 379.00 per year or pay a one-time fee of 78 789.00.

Both programs include Painter Essentials 7 for free. The one-time purchase plan includes an optional upgrade protection program priced at $ 149.00 per year. If you enable this mode, you will get the latest version of CorelDRAW Graphic Suite at no extra cost.

There are also other versions of CorelDRAW for Windows, CorelDRAW Mandatory 2020, and CorelDraw Standard. Both versions have fewer B features than CorelDRAW but offer a much cheaper price. We only compare CorelDRAW from the full graphic set for clarity because this is the full version of CorelDRAW.

Adobe Photoshop, on the other hand, is only available through the partnership model. Pricing options include:

99 9.99 per month (کال 119.88 per year) for Adobe Lite and Photoshop. There is no annual subscription discount.
Only. 20.99 per month ($ 251.88 per year) in Photoshop. If paid each year, the price would drop to 9 239.88 per year.
بشپړ 52.99 per month for the full Adobe Suite (5 635.88 per year). If paid each year, the price would drop to 5 599.88 per year.

Also, keep in mind that these monthly rates are kept in a one-year partnership contract. If you want to pay monthly and so, cancel at any time, depending on the software package, the monthly cost will increase to 30 hours or more.

If you only want to buy the software once and also, you don’t care about the latest program, a $ 789.00 purchase at a time might be right for you. Over time, consumer spending will become cheaper in the long run. The Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom bundle is over $ 789.00 over five years and costs $ 599.40.

However, it is worth noting that the Adobe partnership still provides you with the latest version of the software and you can so, leave it after one year. Adobe Partners can also save you money if you decide not to use design software in the future. A one-time purchase of Coral Draw is a long-term decision, if you also, want to raise it without any additional cost, the customer option is $ 149.00 per year.

All in all, I would say that Adobe Photoshop offers the best options in terms of pricing and updated software. You can get the latest and greatest without breaking the bank.

Winner: Adobe Photoshop

3) External cooperation
Collectively, Adobe Photoshop does not have built-in tools like CorelDRAW. Anyone can comment on CorelDRAW, solve problems.

Correldra has an excellent tool of a collaboration called the tool of vision. To mark a piece, you can comment, click on specific points of artwork, use arrows, and more.

Other contributors can comment on the artwork online using, so don’t force them to download the software to their devices. This is great for extra convenience.

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