Credit Card Processing Services for Your International Business

Cambodia is the fastest-growing economies in the region with rapidly developing its digital infrastructure. With it, Cambodia is becoming more connected than ever. More and more business industries owners are aware of e-commerce and understanding business opportunities through the digital market. An online payment method is significant for the merchants before starting bringing their business online. It is a challenging task to get a payment processing service for your business, especially when it falls under the High-Risk business category. We introduce Paycly as a solution for payment processing service.

Paycly is a payment processing service provider to the merchants across the world. Paycly helps high-risk merchants with payment gateways and makes them eligible to receive online payments.

While other financial institutions do not intend to provide services to high-risk businesses in Cambodia, but Paycly helps merchants to get a merchant account and allows them to manage their business virtually and legally in Cambodia. Paycly offers a variety of services and helps in the growth of your business, like card payment option, security protocols, risk management system, Etc.

Paycly understands the market and needs to card payments for the growth of your business. In Cambodia, According to research and analytics, credit card payments are predicted to rise. We understand your business needs and provide you Credit Card Processing service to your high-risk business.

What is Credit Card Processing Service?

Credit Card Processing is the way through which a business can accept payment from the customer via credit or debit card. Generally, it involves the use of POS hardware and software in conjunction with the payment network of a Credit Card Processing service provider.

Why go with Paycly for your Credit Card processing solution

Paycly is the perfect solution for the merchant who is looking way to provide credit card payment option to their customers.

With its features, Paycly becomes a perfect choice for your online payment solution.

Accept numerous credit card types

With Paycly, you can use a different brand of credit cards like Visa, Master Card, JCB, and other service providers.

Never compromise with security

No one would like to use their card for a payment with a risky payment gateway in fear of losing their sensitive data and theft. It becomes essential to provide a secure payment gateway to your customer to gain their trust for your business and the growth of your business. Paycly understands it very well, and its compliance PCI-DSS security standard and other security tools, which makes your customers’ transaction safe and secure.

Going global is not that complicated now with Paycly

A successful business never puts any limitation of the border; it extends its reach and makes its products and services available for the customers across the world. To make this happen, you require a payment processing service provider with an offshore payment solution. Paycly helps you with its offshore merchant account and makes it possible for you. Its Process to extend your reach all over the world. It also allows you to accept diverse currencies to provide the option to pay your customers. Their local or suitable currency option using their credit or debit cards.

Frauds and chargebacks are no more any concern with Paycly

Most of the high-risk businesses deals with a high number of chargebacks and fraudulent in the market. Paycly understands how harmful these are for your business. It provides complete protection from chargebacks and frauds with its advanced anti-fraud system.

The choice of payment providers available in Cambodia. The international credit and debit card has increased a lot over the years. Cambodian merchants are getting involved in the e-commerce industry. PayCly is making their presence visible in business worldwide through the digital market. Merchant is driving sales and accepting payment via different payment gateway service providers and other payment channels. By proving the credit card payment option, they are putting themselves in the competition of world business. Paycly is a payment gateway service provider. It provides services to all business models. It makes it easy for a High-Risk business merchant to get a merchant account and Credit Card Processing service. With its Credit Card Processing service, it allows Cambodian merchant to receive payment via credit card from the customers against their purchase of products or services.

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